The best cooling mattresses can stop this before it starts. Mattresses are becoming a crowded industry, and some manufacturers are setting themselves apart by designing mattresses specifically for keeping cool. After dozens of mattress tests from experts all over the United States, we know exactly which mattresses sleep cool no matter the climate or season. Taken from our roundup of the best mattresses, these models stand out for sleeping cool, so you’ll never overheat again.

The best cooling mattresses 2023

Why you should buy it: The coolest mattress on test If your top priority is sleeping cool, this is the coolest mattress we’ve ever tester. Casper claims that this mattress will keep you cool for at least 12 hours, and this proved true. Expert review Jaclyn Turner found this mattress almost cold to the touch, and it kept her cool as she slept. It was more than a match for hot summer nights down in Georgia. This is thanks to Casper’s Snow technology and AirScape layers. Tiny holes in the mattress foam draw heat and humidity out of your body and away from the mattress. This Snow technology is an add-on to the Wave Hybrid Mattress, which also offers the best support of Casper’s range of mattresses. Your spine is aligned with different zones; a soft foam toward the top of the mattress to gently sink in your shoulders and a denser foam in the middle to support your lower back.  This combines with gel pods under your waist and lower back for extra support, and on top of this, individually wrapped coils to stop the mattress from sagging over time. This means this mattress is soft, but there’s none of that sinking feeling. The only place it dropped marks is edge support - it gets a little mushy at the corners.  Jaclyn’s Casper Wave Hybrid Snow review goes into more detail. Why you should buy it: A cool mattress at incredible value The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is #2 on our list of the best mattresses, partly because it sleeps very cool. Expert tester Camryn gets hot in the night, and was initially wary of a mattress with any memory foam, even a hybrid. However, she found that she didn’t overheat at all with this mattress. This is thanks to a cashmere-topped cover, a layer of cooling gel foam and individually wrapped coils, this mattress has great breathability and feels cool throughout the night. throughout the mattress.  What’s more, it suited her husband too, who generally tends to sleep cool. This adaptability is one of this mattress’ great strengths. Temperature aside, Camryn found that it also worked for and her partner’s different sleeping styles, soft enough for side sleepers, but supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers.  The best thing about this mattress, however, is value for money. We routinely find this mattress on sale for under $800. In an industry where the very best mattresses can cost upwards of $2000, that’s an unbelievable price for one of the best mattresses you can buy. Throw in a trial period of an entire year and a lifetime warranty and the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is hard to beat.  Camryn’s DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Review goes into more detail. Why you should buy it:  A cool mattress with great pressure relief Memory foam mattresses have a bad reputation for sleeping hot. The dense foam traps warmth, so it’s more likely to make you overheat. This hybrid, however, has all the benefits of memory foam while still keeping you cool. Tempur-Pedic’s SmartClimate Dual Cover System is a marketing-speak for a stretch-knit cooling mattress cover. Coupled with contouring foam and responsive coils, this mattress is very breathable. It kept Jaclyn cool as the weather became warmer over spring, even with a mattress protector.  But while the cooling is a great feature, the ProAdapt is at its best with pressure points. The famous Tempur-Pedic material will have you feeling utterly weightless. It’s firm on your back, but soft on your joints where they sink into the mattress. That also brings the the added benefit that the ProAdapt suits all sleep styles, so you’ll be comfortable on your back, on your sides, or on your stomach. It also has excellent motion isolation, so you won’t be woken by your partner turning over as they sleep. Jaclyn’s Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Medium Hybrid mattress review goes into more detail.

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How we test and review our best mattresses

Our mattress testers sleep on every mattress we test for at least two weeks, usually for many months. Our reviews are based on the real-life experience of using these products at home, so you can be sure that we have first-hand experience of every product.  The team take into account value for money, construction, comfort, and support, with various tests in place to consider edge support, motion transfer, and spinal alignment. While mattress firmness is subjective, every tester is transparent about their sleep habits, so there’s no confusion about which mattress suits which sleep style. For more insight into our hands-on review process, refer to our how we test review guidelines.  Often, however, it’s just personal preference. Some of us just happen to sleep hot and need extra help with sleeping cool. If none of these work, it might be your mattress. Memory-foam mattresses are dense, so they can make you pretty hot. Hybrid mattresses that combine multiple materials might be a better option to keep you cool. If you’re not in the place to buy a new mattress, a cooling mattress topper might be a smarter investment, adding a cooling layer between you and your mattress. 

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