From top gooseneck kettles for coffee lovers to smart kettles that offer adjustable temperatures for different types of teas, there are many innovative designs out there to choose from, and we have curated a collection of the very best. Electric kettles can come in a range of colors and patterns and can be a great way to make a unique, colorful statement in your kitchen, however, metallic tones and muted shades always prove popular too, establishing an elegant, understated look. The best electric kettle for you will ultimately depend on what you will be mainly using the design for. Lovers of pour-over coffee will prefer something that has a long and narrow gooseneck spout, whereas more general tea drinkers (or those who want to make boiling water in minutes for pasta or veggies) will prefer something with a shorter spout that has a larger capacity.  For the ultimate kitchen set-up, pair your new, best electric kettle with one of the best toasters and the best pour-over coffee makers.

The best electric kettles in 2023

While we may not have tested all of the best electric kettles discussed in this guide, the Homes & Gardens teams’ expert shopping and customer understanding, and awareness of the latest trends and the most successful brands, can support your decision-making when choosing the best eclectic kettle for your kitchen space. Explore our best electric kettle guide below so you can pick a stylish, long-lasting design that you can enjoy with every pour. Lovers of coffee will know that a good electric kettle can be the difference between burnt, acidic brews and a mellow drink that won’t give you heartburn.  If that’s you, we recommend the Fellow Stagg Gooseneck Kettle, which is designed to not overheat your water.  Why we love it Firstly, the design is undeniably chic. It’s got a narrow, arching spout that offers complete control of pour-over coffee makers by allowing you to limit your water and distribute it evenly, for maximum blooming. It comes in a huge range of colors, from a striking silver to a more Scandi-inspired walnut and matt black.  There is a HOLD mode, which can keep water hot for up to an hour, and a Brew Stopwatch setting that’s designed to perfect your coffee timing. The temperature is fully variable between 135°F and 212°F, and there is a real-time temperature display for added precision.  Features There’s an LCD display at the front corner of the electric kettle, which is understated but we found immensely useful. The kettle is PID controlled, meaning it automatically delivers the perfect amount of energy to help your water reach your desired temperature, which is efficient but also prevents any overshooting.  A perfect accompaniment to a modern kitchen, this contemporary kettle from Breville is perfectly formed. It features a neat 360-degree base with integral cord storage, is ideal for a tidy worktop, and also comes with an incredibly chic and not too-fussy design. Why we love it The Breville The Smart Kettle Luxe has an easy-grip handle that is solid to hold and the spout pours evenly without splashing, and it’s pretty light too, making it overall a good choice for those with mobility issues. Its 1.7-liter capacity means it’s a great buy if you’re brewing for large numbers, but it’s not a great choice if there’s just a couple of you. Features A range of presets makes it easy to brew Black, Green, White, Oolong Tea, and French press coffee. There is also a keep-warm setting that will maintain temperatures for up to 20 minutes. It achieves all these high-tech features without looking too complicated and we love it. Those who know the Smeg brand well know that its Retro Italian design creates a stand-out feature in the kitchen. But the KLF04 isn’t just about good looks, it has some interesting features, too.  Why we love it In particular, the seven variable temperature settings were a big draw for those who were particular about their tea and wanted exactly the right temperature in order not to scald the leaves when the tea is brewing.  The anti-slip, swivel base makes it a good choice for those households with both left and right-handed members and it comes in a variety of bold and candy colors, from classic black to mint green, bright red to cool cream. Features Variable temperature means this electric kettle can easily be used for different types of drinks. There’s nothing to stop you from using it to make coffee, although the pouring spot may be better suited to tea. There is a removable limescale filter that keeps your electric kettle in top condition through prolonged use, even in areas with hard water.  Finished in elegant matt black or white, the Balmuda The Kettle is a masterful little electric kettle that’s perfect for boiling a few glasses at a time. Its small capacity means it never gets too heavy, and the neat design will slot easily into any kitchen.  Why we love it The bottom of the handle is illuminated by a subtle, warm glow while the kettle boils, which is brilliant not only for letting you know when the water has come to temperature but also for creating a sense of ambiance.  To turn the kettle on, you simply need to click the base into action and assemble your tea or coffee station while you wait. The gooseneck spout provides the perfect flow for a mindful pour into your green tea, or for evenly covering a filter full of grounds. Features The Balmuda The Kettle goes to one temperature only, which won’t be ideal for all users, but is perfect for unfussy types who just want to turn on their kettle and go.  Users report that when empty, the kettle wobbles a little on its base, but given that you’re unlikely to use it when it’s empty this doesn’t trouble us too much. Because of the small capacity, this kettle will boil quickly, making it best suited to speedy cups of coffee. Herbal tea lovers should look no further than the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle. Most electric tea kettles are designed to reach boiling point, but this variable temperature kettle can heat water to six different preset temperatures, taking the guesswork out of tea brewing. Why we love it  The buttons are well stowed on the handle of the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle without looking too complicated. There is a setting for green and white tea, and oolong, as well as a boiling preset that’s best for black tea.  While we think the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle is best suited to tea lovers, there is also a French Press setting that boils to 200 degrees, the ideal point to bloom your grounds without scorching them. Features The swivel base turns a full 360 degrees, which is great for flexibility and won’t pose any issues for right or left-handed users. You can easily open the lid using the OPEN button at the top of the handle, which will prevent any scorching from hot steam after the kettle is finished boiling. The large capacity will also work well for cooking pasta or boiling vegetables, or simply filling a teapot.  A large, easy-to-read viewing window means you can see how much water is in the electric kettle at a glance, which is great for making a brew or boiling just the right amount of water to use for cooking. As we’ve said above, though, it’s not a great idea to leave your kettle with water standing in it for any length of time.  You may recognize the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer, which is our top pick of the best stand mixers, but you might not realize that this respected American brand also produces a number of other small appliances, including the Artisan kettle.  Why we love it Featuring the stand-out design you’d expect from KitchenAid – in fact, that’s one of the things we love the most – it’s another high-end model that is packed with features. The curvaceous dual-core construction ensures it feels cool to the touch on the outside but inside will keep the water hotter for longer.  Choosing the temperature of your water, from 50ºC to 100ºC, is controlled via a chunky, sliding control in the base. In fact, the whole kettle feels substantial, although its large footprint won’t make it a must-have if you’ve got limited workspace.  Features It features a back-lit water dial that clearly shows how much water is inside even when the kettle is taken off the base. It comes in a variety of colors and has an onboard temperature dial that has a retro look, without detracting from the modern features on offer.  If it’s the classic and uncomplicated you’re looking for, the Cuisinart Digital Gooseneck Kettle is the best kettle for you. It boils fast, and you’ll love how enjoyable the long spout makes it to pour.  Why we love it Water boils fast and because the capacity is a somewhat smaller 1 liter, it’s a good size for those who purely want to make coffee. The temperature goes from 140°F to 212°F. The temperature display resembles the Fellow Gooseneck Kettle, but there are also additional controls to keep your water warm for up to 30 minutes and adjust the temperature manually. Features The handle is easy to hold and makes pouring easy, but we wish it had a see-through panel to allow you to check on the water levels before boiling. This would prevent energy waste, and would also make sure that you always have enough water for your cup of coffee.  Beautiful and unique, Plissé is one of the design lovers. Inspired by high fashion pleated fabric clothes, the lightweight design is inviting to touch and hold and can sit in your space like a beautiful object on display. Why we love it Designed by Michele De Lucchi, we love how the Plissé combines the beauty and intricacies of art and sculpture with a functional, everyday object. Making an eye-catching statement on your countertop, this design will be sure to capture the attention of anyone who steps into your kitchen. Features Available in a selection of colors, the kettle has been engineered from recyclable thermoplastic resin and has a thermally insulated base, as well as an anti-limescale filter. It doesn’t get more compact and cute than the Smeg Mini kettle. This kettle is ideal for smaller homes and apartments when saving on space is essential.  Why we love it Still, as beautiful and powerful as the larger version, the mini kettle can hold up to three cups and comes in a great selection of contemporary colors. The more compact design also helps to minimize water wastage, ideal if you’re looking for a more sustainable design. Features Crafted from stainless steel and polished chrome, the Smeg Mini’s double wall helps to maintain the water temperature for longer, whilst the external wall still remains cold to the touch. The kettle can slot onto the 360-degree, non-slip base in any position, ideal for both right and left-handed use, with the lid designed to manually open at an angle of 80 degrees for ease of filling.

How to choose the best electric kettle?

Size should be an important factor for you when choosing the best electric kettle for you. There’s no point opting for the smaller one-liter model if you’re likely to be brewing for a lot of people at a time, or using your electric kettle to cook. Likewise, if it’s just a couple of you then a smaller kettle will boil faster and save energy in the long run. Gooseneck kettles have a fine, long spout that allows you to control your pour. It’s perfect for pour-over coffee but could take a while to pour large quantities to make a teapot of oolong or green tea.  Tea kettles are not best suited to making coffee, because they often don’t come with the pre-programmed temperatures you’d need to prevent scorching your coffee grounds. However, they have a more upright design that can handle larger capacities of water and won’t take long to pour. 

Should I buy an electric kettle with multiple temperature settings?

If you love herbal tea or matcha, a variable-temperature electric kettle is a great choice. Offering you a lower temperature will save your tea leaves from scorching and maintain the high quality you expect from your beverage.  For tea connoisseurs, then the addition of several settings will ensure you boil the kettle to the perfect temperature depending on what kind of leaves you’re brewing. For white and green teas it’s around 70-80ºC, for black and oolong tea 85-90ºC depending on the blend, herbal teas are best at 100ºC and for coffee lovers, it’s just off the boil – anywhere from 90-96ºC.

Which is better: a stainless steel, glass or plastic kettle?

Plastic kettles are lightweight and less costly to buy initially but may not be that durable and sometimes are not that stylish. Concern about using too much plastic in the home and the possibility of harmful BPA chemicals in some may not mean they are the most environmental choice, either.  Glass kettles, by their very nature, are hygienic and many of the latest models also look very sleek and stylish on a countertop. They’re great if you want to easily check how much water is in the kettle but that ease of viewing can also mean a limescaled interior is easy to spot. They will generally be heavier, too, so not great for someone with poor hand strength, particularly when filled with water.  A kettle with a stainless-steel outer will be very durable, so even if they’re a little more expensive and a little heavier than a plastic model, it will probably last longer. They come in a range of modern, stylish designs and often also come with removable and easily cleanable limescale filters. 

Is it ok to leave water in a kettle?

You should always try to only boil what you need to save energy but also because the water can sometimes take on a strange metallic taste if it’s left in the kettle and re-boiled. Leaving water to sit in a kettle can also contribute to limescale build-up on the element, preventing it from working properly.

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