While gardening is often seen as being a fair weather hobby, the work doesn’t necessarily stop when the temperature drops. In fact, winter is the ideal time to hone your newfound skills, as if you put the groundwork in now, so to speak, you can reap the rewards come springtime.  But where to start? With Monty Don’s advice (obviously) and this list of the bulbs and seeds that you need to plant up now to guarantee blooms in early 2021. By planting these now, they will have months to establish before the warmer weather kicks, ensuring a garden bursting with color and warmth. The GardeningExpress.co.uk experts say: ‘These colder months are the perfect time to be preparing the garden for the warmer climes of spring. By spending a little bit of time outside now, you’ll be able to reap the rewards and have a beautiful garden in just a few month’s time. It’s important to choose the right bulbs to plant however, as only hardy bulbs, seeds and plants will survive the bitterness of winter.’

Find out which are the best winter flowers to plant to guarantee color in your garden throughout winter

Best flowers to plant for Spring

Read on to discover the six flowers you need to plant now to ensure your garden is packed with color by spring.

1. Tulips

‘November it is tulip-planting time,’ says Monty Don in his latest blog (opens in new tab). ‘This is, to my mind, the most important and best job of the month. It is actually something that can be done at any time between now and Christmas although the earlier they get into the ground the earlier they will flower. ‘The essential thing with all tulips is to make sure that they have good drainage. This matters less if they are to be treated as annuals and dug up after they have flowered but even so they will be happier with plenty of grit or sand added to heavy soil. If they are to be permanent it is important to plant them as deep as you can - I’ll often use a crowbar to make a hole 12 inches or more deep - and the deeper they are the stronger and straighter the stem will be.’ Flowering between March and May, tulips are very easy to grow from bulb.  They need plenty of sunshine, though it’s worth choosing a spot that is well sheltered from strong winds. They make ideal bedding plants and are great for planting in windowboxes and pots, too.

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2. Daffodils

Often thought of as the ultimate spring flower, daffodils are a hugely popular bloom and are extremely easy to grow.  Also known as narcissus, they come in many variations and color combinations range from pale cream to sunshine yellow. Bulbs should be planted in a sheltered spot, in full or partial sunshine.

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3. Crocus ‘Ruby Giant’

Flowering in February, crocuses - along with snowdrops - are some of the earliest flowering plants of spring. They need full sun and a sheltered spot to grow to their best potential so they would work well in a sunny window box, too. 

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4. Primroses

These colorful, early blooming plants are perfect for planters and borders alike. You can grow them from bulb or seed and they’re best placed in a spot that receives full to partial sunlight. Colors can vary from bright pinks to sunny yellows.

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5. Hyacinths

Deeply fragranced and are very bee-friendly, hyacinths flower from early to mid spring (and even earlier if you bring them indoors). They won’t flower unless they’re placed in a spot that enjoys plenty of sunshine, and their soil should be kept moist. after flowering, be sure to cut the flower stalk off at the base so encourage repeat growth.

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6. Snowdrops

Along with crocuses, snowdrops flower very early in the year, even with frost or snow on the ground. They thrive in partially-shaded areas, especially around the base of trees, and with the right soil, with naturally multiply and spread out in drifts.

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We are already looking forward to Spring – for all the obvious reasons – and with these blooms planted up, it will be even brighter!  Thanks to Gardening Express (opens in new tab) for compiling this list.