Plants can bring so many benefits to a garden, from a range of colors and textures to an organic, natural element to contrast a modern look. Greenery can come in forms either large or small, and allow for decoration vertically too if you don’t want to spread plants out across your garden. By placing planters strategically in your garden, you can also create different zones in order to landscape, including more leisurely patio areas cordoned off by plants. Or if you’re working with less space, then planters can also help container gardening ideas to flourish through their placement.  With outdoor planters, unlocking the benefits of gardening will be a wholly stylish activity, so take your pick and begin growing your collection.

8 best outdoor planters to elevate your garden —instantly 

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If you have a very particular vision for your garden, and still wish to search for your perfect planter, then there are so many excellent, high-quality options out there that can withstand cold weather. These are our recommended retailers to browse outdoor planters:  This is a lovely and versatile planter that gives the opportunity to add so much to a space. It can house multiple plants and flowers, giving you the chance to really let your garden bloom, or help to carve out different zones due to its size, dividing up the areas you relax and garden in. It’s suitable for outdoor use thanks to its coated metal material.  Combining different colors and textures, this planter is partially glazed in order to give it a unique look. It has the added detail of small side handles to allow easy movement, as well as drain holes for planting directly into the planter for maximum use.  This handcrafted ceramic planter is large enough to house the larger foliage that you want to adorn your garden, from an apple tree to a giant cacti. It has a beautiful intricate abstract leaf patterning alongside a drainage hold for planting straight into the pot. With three shelves and space for multiple planters and pots within itself, this stand gives structure to your collection of greenery, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It’s carefully crafted with high-quality materials and rubber stoppers on the legs, and great for crafting a vintage look in your garden.  This hourglass pot can be used both ways of varying size, giving you freedom when it comes to your plant-life décor. Made from metal and with a matte finish, this planter is a modern statement that compliments the natural elements of flora perfectly, bringing together the two different looks. It’s made from a lightweight material, and can be used all year around without falling victim to frost.  This large, modern, ornamental planter is a piece that will change the layout of your garden drastically. Perfect for lining walkways or patios, this planter is handcrafted, made with weather resistant materials, and capable of holding up the 50lbs of plant-stuff.  If you love the look of big, tall grass, then freshen up your entryway with this metal planter, which has so many excellent features to keep your plants health. With a weather resistant coating that also fights against rust, as well as a layer of Styrofoam insulation, this planter box goes the extra mile to ensure the health of your plants.  These wall-mounted pots bring a touch of Mediterranean sunshine to a garden, with their handcrafted Italian design and a beautiful fluted silhouette. It has a regal look, crafted from terracotta clay and then high-fired in order to keep to resistant to the outdoor elements. 

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