But to be clear, a requirement doesn’t translate into an ’easy to find’ – there are hundreds if not thousands of magnificent throw blankets on the market, so narrowing down the choice is a must. You can do this by working out how texture, material, and pattern rank in your order of importance.  For example, do you consider the material as the most significant constituent? Will, you dedicate hours mulling over a buttery-smooth luxurious model over a thick, warm wool selection? Or is it the pattern that strikes your fancy, and you want a stunning selection that artfully showcases finely stitched herringbone? Perhaps, it’s both?

The best throw blankets on the market

If you find yourself overwhelmed already, you’ve come to the right place.  Here, the Homes & Gardens team has conjured up a collection of carefully curated choices and has identified these as the best throw blankets on the market.  Give your space a makeover by reaching for this ultra-luxe throw blanket. Showcasing a color-block design with stripes of off-white and your choice of four available shades – taupe, yellow, aqua, or navy –  each style has fringed edges and measures in 50in x 60in.  Factor in the ’lightweight’ and ‘soft’ acrylic material, it’s no wonder this blanket received a near-perfect five-star rating.  Fan-favorite mattress brand Avocado Green strikes again and makes a convincing case for alpaca wool blankets, all of which are suitable year-round.  Available in seven style variations, shoppers will love the range of colors up for selection; stay on brand with a neutral aesthetic by reaching for the caramel or natural tone, or opt for something a bit more festive with the grey plaid or white plaid.  Realistically, there is no wrong selection here, as every single color is sourced from 100% alpaca fiber. Meaning, aside from being elegant as ever, they also bring superior warmth and comfort wherever laid.  To complete your vision (or the big picture), it’s about carefully selecting pieces (or the small details) that align with your vision, and this throw blanket is an excellent example. This handwoven blanket features elaborate detailing of intricately stitched loops in an uncolored hue.  Not exactly white and nowhere close to brown, this cream color will complement any couch, blanket, or guest room, keeping whoever is using it warmer than ever.  Made from 100% wool, this hand-woven blanket creates a warm super-soft material that you will want to snuggle up to on repeat.  Versatility reigns supreme with this throw blanket. Available in four different sizes, there are ample options for everyone. The 50in x 70in blanket is perfect for those looking for a smaller size, while the 60in x 90in blanket is exceptional for multi-person use or large families lounging on couches.  More importantly, there is variety in the colors, as well. There’s grey waffle, pale blush red, denim blue, and yellow, with each color choice constructed from the same 100% Australian Original Natural Wool.  Seemingly, there is no wrong way here to go, as one reviewer says this ‘wonderful throw blanket’ was ‘simply marvelous’. This reviewer (among others) gushed over the ‘blankets breathability’ and how it was light without being too light, and warm without feeling overly hot.  Naturally, one indicator that you’ve found one of the best throw blankets is that it’s as comfortable as your favorite winter sweater, and this version from The White Company fits the bill.  Available in four shades ranging from denim blue to rose, and also in khaki/green, and a natural cream tone hue too, this 50in x 70in blanket is big enough to wrap yourself up from head-to-toe or when sharing with loved ones when lounging on the sofa.  Featuring distinct knitted dimension cables, this blanket turns to 100% combed, ring-spun cotton to give this blanket that ultra-comfortable feel that one reviewer deems ‘cute and cozy’, and others say ‘you’ll never want to put it down’. 

What’s the best material for a throw blanket?

Yes, there are a variety of materials on the market when it comes to blankets, but when shopping for one of the best throw blankets, not all materials are created equally.  The “best” or worthwhile investment materials would be natural fibers such as sheep’s wool, alpaca, cashmere, fine wool, and yes, even linen. Wools, cashmere, and alpaca are excellent for the colder seasons, whereas linen and cotton are better for warmer months, but regardless it boils down to personal preference. 

What’s the softest material for a throw blanket?

Again, it boils down to personal preference, but it’s best to keep an eye out for synthetic materials. It’s best to gravitate towards materials like polyester, nylon, or acrylic that mimic a super-soft buttery-smooth texture and are perfect for year-round use.  Come colder months, you’ll want to invest in sherpa or fleece blankets that are well-designed and high-quality. The plush, faux fur will be like hugging yourself throughout the cold-weather season. 

What size throw blanket should I go for?

Again, when it comes to one of the best throw blankets and the fine details, it boils down to what you are specifically looking for in a blanket. With that said, the most appropriate size is traditionally 50in x 60in; it’s large enough to share with others while remaining small enough for individual use.