Featuring major brands such as De Buyer and Made In, our guide includes a mix of the best turkey roasting pans we’ve tried, and a few that we’re working on reviewing in the next few months, but which come highly recommended by users and professionals alike.  Unlike the best Dutch ovens, these turkey roasting pans are made of steel and designed to be used without a lid, to achieve that perfect crispy skin. There is a mix of carbon steel and stainless steel pans, with a number of options that we’d be proud to display on our table come Christmas Day.

The best turkey roasting pans for Christmas

Bring on big family roasts, turkeys, hams, and more with this super functional and easy handling Made In Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan. We love how this model proves you don’t have to break the bank for the best turkey roasting pan, and the carbon steel design will ensure that you can use it for years to come - once it’s been seasoned, that is. When we tested the Made In Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan it seriously wowed us with its lightweight design and naturally nonstick carbon steel build. It also claims to be oven safe up to an astounding 1200F. This versatile turkey roasting pan can be used in more ways than one; sure, it will cook your Thanksgiving turkey, but it’s also suitable for large cuts of meat and poultry on any night. Featuring a reversible rack, this pan keeps food from falling, and creates a crisp, even brown layer. You can even transfer it to the stovetop to make trivet sauces using your turkey juices.  The De Buyer Affinity Stainless Steel Roasting Pan is an expensive choice that’s worthy of the center spot on your Thanksgiving table. Made of multilayered steel with a bright and shiny exterior but brushed, matt interior, we felt that everything about this product screamed of high quality.  One of our favorite features was the riveted handles which will ensure you’re always confident when lifting your turkey in and out of your oven. We also loved the curved edges and rounded corners, ensuring that the build is fluid enough for pouring without being tricky to clean. And when it does come to cleaning, the dishwasher-safe design will make sure that it’s always looking good as new.  Most importantly, we were wowed by the capacity of this roasting tray, which is 16 inches in length and very deep. It doesn’t come with a rack for catching drippings, but you could easily add one from any good homeware store if you wish. For large show-stopping meals, look no further. The All-Clad large roaster with a rack is an essential buy for those looking to cook a larger-sized turkey. With the capacity to hold up to 25 pounds, the heavy-duty stainless-steel model is ultra-durable.  This turkey roasting pan is exceptional for holiday cooking but also could work on a regular basis. Suitable for use with electric and gas stoves, the lidless model has a V-shaped nonstick rack that promotes even heating and makes it easy to collect natural juices. Plus, when not in use it will safely and seamlessly store in any cabinet or shelf due to its smart shape.  As we previously mentioned, the stainless steel construction gives this roasting pan a strong, durable base that’s elevated with tall V-shaped sides to prevent spilling and upright handles to ensure secure holding. With wrap-resistant strength and a polished finish, it is a terrific investment for anyone.  When it comes to the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 16-inch Stainless Steel Roaster, versatility reigns supreme. This turkey roasting pan is sensational for Thanksgiving use, but will also come in handy when used in day-to-day life. Users can cook meat or kinds of pasta, large roasts, and casseroles anytime, anywhere.  With its stainless steel construction, like All-Clad’s roasting pan, this model also fits into standard ovens and can hold a turkey up to 20lbs.  The solid cast stainless steel side handles are contoured for comfort and balance and riveted for strength. Its durable construction is microwavable-safe and Includes a U-shaped stainless steel rack. With a lifetime warranty guaranteed, it’s a low-lift risk when opting for this roasting pan.  There’s a lot to love about the Anolon Tri-Ply Clad Stainless Steel roaster, but primarily that it prides itself on optimal heat distribution and comfort.  Compared to most turkey roasting pans, this model is broiler and oven safe up to 500-degrees, higher than the rest. With a nonstick roasting rack to release roasts effortlessly, we also are privy to the easy-lift handles.   This turkey roasting pan features durable triple-layer construction, with an aluminum core surrounded by layers of stainless steel for optimal heat distribution; ideal for all stovetops, including induction. With comfortable stainless steel handles (for long-lasting durability and comfort) with stain-proof stainless steel rivets. 

How to pick the best turkey roasting pan

It’s not that finding a turkey roasting pan is difficult, the issue is finding one that’s worthwhile and lives up to your expectation. Finding the ‘best’ model boils down to nothing more than what your specific needs are and will be.  For instance, if you are hosting a larger-sized family fathering over the holidays, you’ll want to consider the thickness of the roasting pan’s walls and the height of its handles. This ensures that you can maintain a firm grip when putting the turkey in and taking it out of the oven. 

What size turkey roasting pan do I need? 

A small (14-inch) roasting pan works for birds up to 12 pounds.A medium (16-inch) roasting pan is ideal for birds up to 16 pounds.A large (18-inch) roasting pan can fit turkeys up to 20 pounds.

What type of turkey roasting pan is best? 

The most important factor when selecting the best turkey roasting pan is finding the proper type of material. Most roasting pans are made of copper or stainless steel. These materials are durable and remain light enough to get the turkey in-and-out of the oven.  Our top pick is made of carbon steel, which is oven-safe to high temperatures and resembles cast iron with its seasoned exterior to bake in flavor. 

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