Wireless doorbells are, in our opinion, the best choice for those looking for convenience, being much easier to install and uninstall when it comes to moving home. There are also many wire-free options from huge brands like Ring, Arlo, and Nest, so you don’t have to compromise on quality. Some of these doorbells also add much-needed peace of mind as security devices, whether your home already has one of the best home security systems installed or you are a complete newcomer to the world of smart security. Below we reveal our top choices for the best wireless doorbells on offer right now.

The best wireless doorbells in 2022

Now the oldest Ring Video Doorbell available to buy, the 2nd Gen model still holds its own as the best wireless doorbell option with all of the features, customization, and smart home compatibility you could ask for. Connect with Alexa However, Google Assistant (or Apple’s Siri) users need not apply, as many of the best features will only work with Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo speakers and other Ring security products. Ring Protect While the Ring Video Doorbell works well without any additional subscription fees, those who are interested in saving video and images, or going back to past motion alerts within the app, will need to pay for the Ring Protect plan. This gives you 60 days of rolling cloud storage after the 90-day free trial concludes. Quick replies A newer feature but one that has come to all Ring models due to automatic software updates is Quick Replies, which essentially turns your doorbell into an answering machine. Load pre-set responses for visitors, or ask them to leave a message. Homes & Gardens rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars Google updated its sole video doorbell recently with the Google Nest Doorbell Battery, which adds wireless functionality and a gorgeously sleek new design alongside a bevy of useful features. Free (and paid) features Many of the most useful features come readily available with the Nest Doorbell, which means there is no additional subscription fee if you’re interested in intelligent alerts that can tell the difference between a person, a package, a vehicle, or an animal passing by. You also get three hours of event history, which you can expand to 60 days with a Nest Aware Plus account. Also included with a Nest Aware Plus account is the Familiar Face feature, which allows you to name frequent visitors within the app so that the doorbell recognizes them the next time they come around. Cover for Wi-Fi failures Footage captured from the doorbell is stored in the cloud but, in the event of a signal or power outage that prevents it from connecting to the internet, the Nest Battery will record events locally for an hour, avoiding any blind spots happening exactly when you might need them. Nest ecosystem One drawback of the Nest doorbell when compared to those from Ring is the lack of compatible chimes. That means that getting an alert outside of a notification on your phone will require a Google smart speaker or display, which is asking quite a lot. Homes & Gardens rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars An option that doesn’t come from one of the big doorbell companies but has a good reputation in the home security world, the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell puts safety at the top of its feature list. No subscription fees The Toucan arrives as a full package, with a chime and no fees required to access its more advanced elements. For example, you will get 24 hours of video history for free, and you can leave pre-recorded messages similar to Ring’s Quick Replies. All footage is saved in the cloud, and there are nine customizable motion detection zones you can set up. Security first The Toucan doorbell isn’t the only wireless doorbell on this list with a built-in siren, but its security-focused touches don’t stop there. The siren can be manually activated within the app, and you can also set up an emergency contact to call when something is wrong. This could be useful for those living alone, or just someone less able to quickly dial a number in a crisis. Homes & Gardens rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars Arlo’s newest wireless doorbell, the Arlo Essential, is stacked with security features and added extras that will make fielding visitors, monitoring packages, and keeping your front porch safe extremely simple. Head to toe field of view The field of view refers to how much of the area you will be able to see clearly (and in 2K resolution!) through your doorbell’s camera lens, and the Arlo Essential has one of the best offerings. Not only does it offer 180 degrees, but the 1:1 aspect ratio means you will also be able to see the doorstep - handy when we’re all getting more deliveries than ever. Sound the alarm Unlike Ring’s doorbells, Arlo has included a built-in siren to boost the usefulness of the doorbell as a security device. If you don’t already have an Arlo security camera, then this is a great feature that can be operated automatically when something deemed untoward is going on outside, or manually if you see something via the live feed. Arlo Secure Upon purchase, you will receive a three-month trial of Arlo Secure, which allows you to get personalized notifications for people, vehicles, animals, and packages, as well as store video footage for 30 days. Like Ring’s similar subscription plan, this will set you back $3 per month. Homes & Gardens rating: 4 out of 5 stars If you’re looking for the best wireless doorbell that doesn’t require additional monthly subscription costs, then look no further than the eufy smart 2K doorbell. Arriving with a HomeBase hub that both stores your footage locally and acts as a chime, it’s everything you need to get started. Military-grade encryption Though it’s uncommon for video doorbells to not have cloud storage, it’s arguably more secure to have your footage on the HomeBase (which sits inside your home) than in cyberspace. There are pros and cons, with one pro being the military-grade AES-256 encryption eufy has added, but a drawback is that the link between doorbell and hub can slow down response times. 2K distortion correction The image offered by the eufy doorbell is top-notch, with 2K resolution and distortion correction. It also offers a 4:3 aspect ratio that gives you more of the picture when someone knocks on the door. Smart responses The doorbell has the now-standard smart human detection and customizable motion zones to reduce the number of useless alerts on your phone, but it’s worth noting that these come without any extra fees in this case. You can also pre-program responses like ’leave the package to the back door’ if you’re too busy to answer the directly. Homes & Gardens rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars The Ring Video Doorbell 4 is the brand’s latest release and boasts improved features similar to the now-discontinued Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. If you want to invest in something that supports all of Ring’s latest innovations, this is a good choice. Less charging time One of the biggest complaints about previous Ring doorbells was the short battery life which, as was the case with the original model, meaning that those living on busy streets (where the motion detection had to work very hard) were forced to unmount the device every few weeks to recharge. The Ring 4, however, not only has a quick release for the battery pack but also promises 6-12 months of juice. Color pre-roll Another feature adopted from but improved since the 3 Plus, the doorbell has added color pre-roll to its roster. Previously black and white, you will now get a clear 4-second preview of each motion alert. This is most useful for security purposes, and you will see more of the action should something happen. Ring Protect still needed Unfortunately, a Ring Protect subscription is still needed for most of the best features, such as reviewing and saving footage for later. Going completely back to basics, the Honeywell Home Series 3 is an audio-only wireless doorbell that has enough things going for it to go up against the other smart and video doorbells on this list. Multiple alert types The Honeywell doorbell won’t work with your smartphone or smart speaker, but the 80dB chime isn’t something you’ll easily miss. You can choose between four different sounds to suit your preference, and the receiver will also flash when someone presses the doorbell. Portable chime The wireless doorbell has a 250ft range and a portable receiver/chime, so you can easily take it with you from room to room if you’re expecting someone. The hub also connects with up to four devices, making it easy to expand your system.

How to choose the best wireless doorbell for your home

How do wireless doorbells work?

So here is where we will make the distinction between wireless doorbells and Wi-Fi doorbells. While wireless doorbells are devices that do not require wiring, Wi-Fi doorbells are those that require an internet connection to send alerts to a chime or your smartphone. Therefore wireless doorbells don’t always require an internet connection, and the term simply refers to the fact that they do not require existing wiring. This gives greater flexibility, as it’s no trouble installing and uninstalling when you decide to move home (or if you’re renting).  When a wireless doorbell is pressed, it emits a radio signal to the chime, activating the sound that indicates someone is at the door. Smart doorbells go one step further by sending a signal over Wi-Fi, giving you an alert on your phone.

Do wireless doorbells need batteries?

All wireless doorbells will need batteries to run, but which kind depends on the type of doorbell you have. Video doorbells like those from Ring come with large battery packs that can often be removed from the casing without needing to remove the entire device (though the 2nd Gen Ring Doorbell on this list does not have this feature). Others will require charging or old-fashioned AA/AAA batteries being swapped out every so often.

Are Ring doorbells wireless?

While the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) is indeed wireless, not all doorbells from Ring operate the same way. So, while battery-powered options such as the Ring Video Doorbell 2, 3, and 4 give you the choice of whether to wire them in or not, devices such as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Pro 2 require existing wiring to work.

Is Nest Doorbell wireless?

The Google Nest Doorbell on this list is indeed wireless, but this is a newer model and an update on the wired Google Nest Hello. Be sure you are looking at the right one if you don’t want to accidentally buy the wrong one.

Does Ring work with Google Home?

Why does my wireless doorbell ring by itself?

It can be a little off-putting when a wireless doorbell rings for no reason, and you are left racking your brain for the reason when there’s no one at the door. The short answer is that we live in a world of wireless smart products, and so signals can get crossed and confuse individual devices. So, if your neighbor also has a smart doorbell, then this may be the reason. If you have a smart video doorbell, then you may want to also look at settings in the app. Often an alert will relate to motion detection, rather than someone physically pressing the doorbell’s button, and you can fine-tune sensitivity to suit you. Then there’s the low-fi explanation, as a self-ringing doorbell may just need a good clean. If there is dirt and muck inside, then this could be confusing the sensor.

Which wireless doorbell is best?

The Ring brand has become synonymous with video doorbells, and there’s a reason why. In our opinion, the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) (opens in new tab) and Video Doorbell 4 (opens in new tab) are among the very best on offer, but there is definitely still competition from other brands. The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell (opens in new tab), for example, is an excellent runner-up with 2K resolution and an in-built siren for added security.

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