The reveal is a continuation of a long tradition that sees the First Lady dress the White House for the holidays – and she has based her Christmas decor ideas around one personal theme: Gifts from the Heart.  To celebrate ‘Gifts from the Heart’, Jill added a tiny photo frame decoration that hangs from the State Dining Room Christmas tree. And, while this intimate gesture pays homage to the theme, we expect it will set Christmas tree trends globally.  Plus, while Joe and Jill Biden are behind the photo frame trend, their portrait is not the only image to hang from the branches of the Dining Room tree. Instead, the First Lady hung a selection of photographic memories and historical images from the Christmas tree branches. Among the chosen photos is an image of former United States President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jaqueline Kennedy, who similarly decorated the White House whilst in residency. All images sit in tiny gold frames – and are tied with a red ribbon that stands out against the dark green branches of the tree.  These traditional red, green and gold tones are similarly reflected in the mantelpiece decoration and in other rooms around the White House, including the Christmas tree in the China Room. The China Room similarly reflects quintessential dining table decor ideas through its ornate gold-rimmed china and abundance of natural flowers that add a natural element to the space.  Meanwhile, the Vermeil Room further upholds the traditional palette. However, this tree offers a youthful twist with its multicoloured glass balls that break slightly away from Christmas conventions. To celebrate ‘Gifts from the Heart’ further, the White House has launched a variety of interactive viewing experiences so you can take further decoration ideas from the Heart. They will be available on Instagram, Google Maps, Street View and Snapchat over the festive season.  In the meantime, though, we’re scouting our gallery for the best photos for our Christmas tree frames.   If you want to follow the First Lady’s lead, you can pick up a similar photo frame ornament here. With its golden outline and traditional red ribbon, this is a close match to the one currently sitting in the White House. 

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