Sharing his space-enhancing bathroom ideas, the Queer Eye star revealed that choosing a floating cabinet can make a significant difference – no matter the size of your space. Here, everything you need to know – and a convenient alternative if new units are not an option. 

Bobby Berk’s bathroom vanity tip  

‘A bulky vanity can take up quite a bit of precious space. So opting for a floating version is a great way to still get storage while feeling a lot less cumbersome,’ Bobby writes in his blog (opens in new tab).  After investing in a floating vanity tip, Bobby also recommends purchasing a ‘pedestal sink for an even more compact and space-saving solution.’  ‘No matter how compact your bathroom may be, you can make a big impact,’ he adds.  However, Bobby Berk is not alone in his admiration for floating cabinetry. Designer and interior’s expert Michelle Ogundehin is also a fan of this interior design tip for accentuating the size of a space. Michelle has an accessible alternative that offers the same illusion if new bathroom units aren’t an option. All you need is some mirrored plinths.

Floating vanity mirror illusion 

Michelle says the secret is to add mirrored plinths to your cabinets to create a similar ‘floating’ effect.  The expert suggests that introducing a mirrored plinth in your bathroom or kitchen will create the illusion of a larger floor – and ‘when you make the floor look bigger – the whole room looks bigger.’ Her reflective technique creates the same effect as a hanging vanity because the floor appears larger. ‘It is very subtle, but it does have that effect,’ she adds.  Plus, as Bobby shares, ‘reflecting lots of light will add instant size’ to your space – meaning mirrored plinths are an effective solution.  So, if you are looking at how to make a small bathroom look bigger without redesigning your bathroom, Michelle’s mirrored plinth tip is the perfect solution. However, whether you follow Bobby or Michelle’s lead, your bathroom will appear bigger instantaneously.