However, the most unexpected Bridgerton trend fans are embracing is a Georgian furniture style we have always loved the grandeur of: the four-poster bed. Read on to find out more and if you are feeling inspired to redesign your boudoir, don’t miss our bedroom ideas picture gallery. See: Inside the secret London villa where Bridgerton was filmed Sales of four-poster beds have jumped by 112% in the past three months, and some stores, such as Habitat have seen demand four-posters increase by 300%, as fans look for ways to mimic the plush bedrooms of Bridgerton in their homes. In response to the growing admiration for this Bridgerton-inspired trend, Neptune (opens in new tab) released a selection of four-poster beds as part of their latest collection (below).  ‘Including a four-poster in your bedroom is one of the most effective ways to add not only sophistication, but also to create impact, and elevate the status and scale of the room,’ shared Amber Greenman, Home Designer at Neptune Bath.  Amber continued: ‘Our Wardley four-poster is streamlined and simple, yet it offers a grand sense of traditional style that people are often after with a four-poster.’ The Bridgeton effect is not limited to interiors, however, as the show is even reshaping the UK’s housing market in ways that stretch far beyond the bedroom. In January, online real estate agency Rightmove revealed that houses similar to those seen in Bridgerton were the most viewed properties in the UK in the early new year.  Netflix has announced that the second series of Chris Van Dusen’s period drama will begin filming in spring – so however you feel about the four-poster bed, it doesn’t look like the trend will pass anytime in the foreseeable future. Data provided by Argos (opens in new tab)