When it comes to home comforts, few things beat the luxury of well-made bedding. Brinkhaus has been developing and crafting high-quality duvets and pillows since 1847. See our news section for more recent events and current releases Pick from the finest goose down and feather duvets, soft fibre-filled quilts and natural combinations of wild silk, new wool and cashmere, while hypoallergenic Medicott-treated Egyptian cotton covers are perfect for those sensitive to house dust allergies.Remember to change your bedding regularly to get rid of dust mites and allergens, too. Pillows come in a spectrum ranging from sumptuously soft to perfectly firm, and even offer support tailored for those who prefer to sleep on their side. With something for everyone, find the perfect combination for you and drift off into a soundless night’s sleep. See ourbedroomsfor more style inspiration and ideas ‘Not only are the duvets and pillows are made in our workshops – we tailor sleeping culture in perfection. Building on more than 170 years of experience in craftsmanship and technique, we develop innovative products for the future, always striving to constantly improve and optimise them,’ explains the head of Brinkhaus. ‘It’s great to see the synergy which exists between all the bed linen brands being housed under one roof. It is great for Brinkhaus to be part of this with their extended offer of duvets and pillows. Among bespoke linens, embroidered and monogramed linen and the Designer Corner it will undoubtedly become the ‘Mecca’ for interior designers as well as customers of refined and luxury interiors.’ Ensuring you have enough hours of sleep per night is essential for a healthy lifestyle, so set a regular bedtime and stick to it so your body knows when it’s time to wind down. Try to avoid looking at a screen right before you go to sleep as the blue light emitted by mobile phones can trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime. And most importantly, find the right bed linen to suit you. Explore the Brinkhaus collection at Harrods for unrivalled luxury and indulgence. Brinkhaus,brinkhaus.co.uk (opens in new tab).