The retailer – known for their super-soft cashmere linens – offers shoppers a selection of perfectly plush towels that assist as a warm companion after a relaxing soak but serve as statement textiles, instantly elevating your room’s aesthetic.  On the heels of the majorly popular Marled Black towels – which sold out in seconds back in March – Brooklinen has reimagined their best-selling Classic Towel and Super-Plush towel for their latest release: Marled Navy and Poppy.

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Made in Turkey from cotton sourced from the coast of the Aegean sea, this new colorway evokes your favorite abstract painting. Together, the pairing combines vivid navy and cheerful poppy tones for a striking pop of color, which of course, will liven up even the most basic bathroom.  Available in two different renditions – Super-Plush and Classic, it all boils down to personal preference.  The Super-Plush towel (opens in new tab) is the brand’s thickest, most luxurious style, instantly turning a bathroom into an at-home spa with a substantial 820 GSM. Next, there’s the Classic version (opens in new tab)– a lighter composition with 550 GSM and suitable for everyday use.  Each proposes a bold statement that’s both functional and fashionable and will lighten and brighten your room to perfection. 

1. The Classic Towel

2. The Super-Plush Towel

Crafted from 100% Turkish Cotton and 550 GMS, Brooklinen’s Classic Towels (opens in new tab)are available in a slew of shades – including the brand-new Marley Navy and Poppy – all of which are super absorbent and comfortable for regular use.  This best-selling Super-plush towel (opens in new tab)weave bundle is ridiculously soft and luxurious, perfect for turning your bathroom into your dream spa. These towels have a substantial 820 GSM and durable z-twist construction and feature two bath towels, two hand towels, and a bathmat.