Beyond the west coast, the estate, which is currently owned by hedge-fund manager and Julliard school chairman Bruce Kovner, will be the third most expensive home sold in the US.  It comes after a Manhattan apartment (sold for $238 million) that currently holds the record. This means the home is one of the world’s best homes – and one of the most exciting currently on the market. With its 22 acres of lush landscaping, the land divides into five parcels – featuring two distinct estates, Ocean View and Bellevue – connected by a private road. These Mediterranean-style mansions are something to behold, but much of their grandeur remains hidden from the public underneath its terracotta tiled roof. Here, you can take a look around.  Firstly, the home has set the tone for luxury hallway ideas with its chandelier-drenched entryway that foreshadows the unrivaled beauty that awaits throughout the rest of the house.  Notable design features include stone archways and marble accents, paired with high ceilings with exposed natural beams that exhibit a rustic European charm in central California.  The interiors continue to reshape elegant kitchen and living room ideas, most particularly through its open-plan design that combines the two spaces to create a large space for entertaining.  The area also includes floor-to-ceiling windows to emphasize California’s rays throughout the wooden-kissed hangout.  Beyond the living room and kitchen, the estate is a maze of unique interior design tips that epitomize contemporary Santa Barbara living whilst honoring timeless features. These include a wood-paneled library and ornate mantlepieces that offer a blanc design canvas with a historical twist.  Sanctuary at Loon Point similarly resets Carpinteria’s garden ideas with its exquisitely designed courtyards, complete with marble statues and its ocean-view terraces.  There is also a large pool a rose garden that creates a traditional juxtaposition against SoCal’s palm trees.   Photos courtesy of (opens in new tab).