Among those most associated with the show is Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Welsh-born (now New Yorker) actress who plays Wednesday’s mother, Morticia Addams. It seems only fitting, therefore, that her holiday decor pays homage to her role – and the show’s success.  Much of Wednesday’s aesthetic is gothic and slightly unearthly – but indisputably stylish. The costumes, makeup, and backdrops use a primarily black palette (especially around the Addams family), so of course, Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Christmas tree ideas follow a similar color scheme.  Sharing her Christmas decor ideas via Instagram (opens in new tab), the actress shared how she had dressed her tree with Wednesday in mind – joking that she was ‘allergic to color.’  Wednesday fans may recognize the caption as a nod to one of the most memorable lines of the first episode. In the scene, Morticia accompanies her daughter to her dorm room at her new boarding school, Nevermore Academy. Here, they meet Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s color-obsessed roommate, who has decorated her side of the room with a vibrant rainbow scheme in mind.  ‘Please excuse Wednesday; she’s allergic to color,’ Morticia says as the rest of the family looks on in shock. Catherine Zeta-Jones has not opted for an entirely black tree decor scheme, but she has paid homage to Wednesday’s favorite color combination through black and white ribbons that decorate the branches.  She is not the first celebrity to experiment with Christmas tree ribbon ideas in 2022 – a look that has set festive trends in homes such as Reese Witherspoon’s (she has a large red ribbon at the top of her tree). The Prince and Princess of Wales also shared a glimpse of their tree, similarly dressed in red and gold ribbon.  Catherine, who lives in Westchester County with actor and film producer Michael Douglas, has put her Wednesday-inspired twist on this Christmas trend by draining the ribbons of color and pairing them with white ornaments. Her tree is also dressed in tiny string lights that complement the striped ribbons seamlessly.  There is no better setting to sit and finish watching Wednesday than this one, after all.