Her Instagram is brimming with inspiration – much of which comes from the collection of homes that she shares with her husband, Grammy-award-winning singer John Legend. This time, however, the interior design trend she’s kickstarting is more than aesthetic.    Chrissy recently shared a moment with her daughter, Luna, on a curved bed while enjoying a vacation. The photo carousel shows glimpses of the vacation home – but the circular bed – in the bedroom that leads directly to the terrace – is the most notable feature of all. There’s no denying that curves dominate trends in 2023 – from the curved sofas to tables and mirrors that bring a sense of fluidity to any space. However, if you’re looking use curves in interior design, it may be beneficial to follow Chrissy’s lead and bring this shape into the bedroom.  A photo posted by on Why? Because science suggests that circular shapes have the power to improve well-being – and there is no space better to do this than in the bedroom.  According to specialists from Delamere Health (opens in new tab), circles are ‘considered to be much friendlier than geometric shapes (that tend to be more common in the home).  ‘Circles and ovals are instantly recognizable, making us feel a sense of security and similarity,’ they say. ‘Simplistic shapes like these provide a feeling of stability and assurance.’  This is because, the experts say, people often associate circles with the shape of the earth, sun, and moon – provoking the feeling of trust.  The experts refer to Psychologist John N. Bassili’s work (opens in new tab), which discovered that humans are ‘more drawn to curvilinear shapes as opposed to angular shapes’. The study found the ‘circular shape was the abstract symbol for happiness’ while the triangle represented anger.  ‘Rounded furniture can add a friendly and approachable vibe to the room, as our brains are conditioned to think sharp corners are harmful,’ they say.  As science suggests, bringing curved furniture into the bedroom could promote a more relaxed space – and a bed similar to Chrissy Teigen’s is a natural place to start. And, beyond the bedroom, Juliette Thomas, the founder of Juliettes Interiors (opens in new tab), adds that sofas and armchairs will bring an ‘a welcome softness to living spaces’ and are worth the investment.  To celebrate the trend in all its glory, she recommends choosing light colors and textured fabrics (like shades of white and cream) – ‘with bouclé remaining a favorite.’  How will you follow suit?