Designed by British-born, now-Californian Jake Arnold, the space is awash with luxury kitchen ideas – from the white and brown marble waterfall countertop to the built-in stovetop burners that are fit for the famed culinary enthusiast.  Since gaining fame as a model, Chrissy has established herself as a force in the kitchen – penning a series of Cravings cookbooks and launching a brand of cookware (opens in new tab) of the same name. Her kitchen is undeniably inspiring, so if you (inevitably) want to get the look, you can, with these five key pieces, some designed by Chrissy herself. 

1. Invest in an iconic red Dutch oven

It is no secret that Le Creuset cookware is loved by celebrities worldwide (we recently spotted this similar Dutch oven in Stanley Tucci’s home, after all). Like Stanley, Chrissy has chosen to showcase her Cerise-hued Dutch oven (opens in new tab) on her Instagram, where she is seen mixing greens on her marble countertop. This piece is a Le Creuset-icon, found in the homes of cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. It is versatile enough to endure any kind of culinary task, from slow cooking to baking and frying. We love Chrissy’s timeless colorway, but of course, this piece will look good in any tone – and every kitchen.   A photo posted by on

2. Add color with vibrant cookbooks

With only a glance at Chrissy’s kitchen, it is hard not to notice the model’s collection of multi-hued books that dominate her shelving. Chrissy’s Dutch oven is made from enameled cast iron to deliver superior heat distribution and retention while cooking. It’s easy-to-clean, and its durable enamel resists dulling, staining, chipping, and cracking – for statement cookware that looks good for longer. While much of the kitchen appears neutral (from the marble backsplash and shelves to the crockery) – these books interrupt the subtle kitchen color ideas and inject pockets of vibrancy in the center of the space.  A photo posted by on Though it is impossible to note every title, multiple posts by Chrissy showcase the third edition of her Cravings cookbook franchise – so we’re taking that as a natural starting point. 

3. Try Chrissy’s lavender cookware

Chrissy’s red Le Creuset Dutch oven indicates the model’s love for colored cookware – but nothing is quite so Chrissy Teigen-approved as her own kitchen line. In this New York Times bestseller (and what is described as her most personal cookbook yet), Chrissy shares the food that will bring you joy and comfort with input from her famed family. Cravings by Chrissy Teigen (yes, it’s the same name as her book) – is a firm asset in the model’s home – as she exhibits in the video above. And with a color option as stylish as lavender (the therapeutic color of 2023), this series is certainly hard to resist.  A photo posted by on

4. Dress your open shelves with colored glass and crockery

We may have already admired Chrissy Teigen’s kitchen shelving ideas – but this time, we’re focusing on her colored glassware and crockery. There is a lot to love in this ever-changing space; however, her pink-hued wine glasses are a beautiful place to start.  This stylish 3-piece set includes all of the Lowkey Lavender enamel pieces: Grill Pan, 12-inch Skillet, and the 3.5 Qt. Braiser. What more could you need for the Chrissy Teigen look? Whether you style them on your shelf or bring them into your tablescape, these glasses will struggle to go out of style anytime soon – especially if they remain at the forefront of Chrissy Teigen’s kitchen shelving.  A photo posted by on

5. Dine on plush bar stools

It’s hard not to steal a glance at the plush bar stools hiding under Chrissy Teigen’s marble waterfall island. This kitchen island seating is discreet yet stylish – hiding in plain sight until it is ready to be used.   This pink wine glass is beautifully crafted in Italy to represent the grace of an Italian countess. Its pink hues resemble those seen in Chrissy Teigen’s kitchen, and we expect they’d look just as picturesque on your shelf, too. 

For a similar look, opt for short, gray (or cream) stools that can hide underneath your breakfast bar until you’re dining, drinking, or hosting.  A photo posted by on Though these stools are not an exact match to Chrissy’s, they still follow a similar aesthetic, from their striking black leg to the gray cushion. 

Chrissy Teigen s kitchen  5 finds to get the look   Homes   Gardens - 10Chrissy Teigen s kitchen  5 finds to get the look   Homes   Gardens - 35Chrissy Teigen s kitchen  5 finds to get the look   Homes   Gardens - 33Chrissy Teigen s kitchen  5 finds to get the look   Homes   Gardens - 97Chrissy Teigen s kitchen  5 finds to get the look   Homes   Gardens - 5