Recently, we reported on Chrissy and her husband singer John Legend’s unusual pampas Christmsa tree that stands in their entryway.  Since then, she has shown off her kitchen Christmas decor ideas (they are seen on the second photo of the carousel below). The couple’s snowy decorations, exhibited on their chic open-shelving, show what is possible with a small amount of attention and care. The biggest lesson we can learn? Don’t forget the kitchen when decorating for the holidays.  In the photo, John Legend is seen standing in the couple’s chic marble-clad kitchen, in front of the vast open shelving that (typically) plays host to glasses and crockery. The Grammy award winner is seen making a ‘blooming onion’ – a large, deep-fried onion that is cut to resemble a flower. A photo posted by on ‘I have officially learned how to make the famous bloomin onion! This was so special and so fun and so so so freaking delicious. Thank you for the redo,’ Chrissy says.  While their culinary achievement is something of note, their kitchen shelving (or rather, festive kitchen shelving) steals the moment (for us, at least). The top shelf, that is normally covered in books (as seen below) is dressed for the holidays – complete with a traditional Christmas garland, topped with faux snow.  A selection of gingerbread houses, miniature Christmas trees and and snow-topped pine cones sit atop the snowy garland – creating a village-like scene across the top kitchen shelf. Chrissy and John’s festive kitchen decor is, in many ways, simple – using common holiday staples such as a garland, and mini Christmas trees. However, its effect on the overall space is unmistakable – and creates the impression that their entire home is dressed for the season. And design expert Mary from Wren Kitchens (opens in new tab) agrees. A photo posted by on ‘Making the most of open shelves (should you have them) can really make a kitchen feel festive,’ she says. To recreate the look, she recommends creating a ‘blended aesthetic offered by garlands of faux-eucalyptus, frosted pinecones, and white berries’ before bookending your shelves with miniature lit Christmas trees and Nordic houses, just like Chrissy’s. ‘Of course, you can introduce any color scheme you want into your decorations, and the way you decorate your shelves should fit with your personal taste,’ Mary adds.  Naturally, not every home has open shelving quite like Chrissy Teigen’s, so you may need to look for alternatives to her idea. One of the easiest ways to do so is with a Christmas plant that elevate your kitchen instantly.  ‘A large centerpiece stone vase on your kitchen island filled with a mass of green winter foliage, white berries, and eucalyptus leaves is perfect for this,’ the kitchen expert says. ‘If you don’t have a kitchen island, then an open spot on your countertops or around the room can work just as well.’