Chrissy Teigen, as we all know, is no stranger to food. For years, the 35-year-old has coquetted with the culinary category, and in 2016, she subsequently took the plunge from model-to-at-home-chef. Fast forward to present day and two passionately prosperous cookbooks (opens in new tab) later – with a third on the way – we now collectively realize one thing: Teigen is unstoppable, and her latest culinary endeavor proves just that.  This past week, the mom-of-two relaunched Cravings 2.0 (her website) – fully stocking it with robes, hair wraps, pans, and all other items you need to channel your inner Chrissy Teigen. Unfortunately, the downside to all of this Chrissy Teigen-newness? Most of her recently debuted pieces have sold out, and if you were unable to get in on the action? Naturally, we spotted a perfectly acceptable alternative route. A photo posted by on In a recent Instagram video, Teigen – who later is joined by husband, John Legend – tells her fans to ‘Look at my office, we have a real office, we are very official,’ she explains. 

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Sure, the perfectly pink tiles in Teigen’s office/kitchen are remarkable – and they’re even more astounding when paired with minimalistic Thomas Hayes studio seating, but the real treasure here? The sneak peek into her home doubles as a blueprint for those looking to unleash their inner at-home-chef. A photo posted by on Now, how do you do that? Start by elevating your outdated kitchenware with some fresh sophisticated staples – and these five are a good place to start. 

Begin with this elevated everyday essential

Create an artisanal, organic feel with this stunning stoneware set 

Reach for a stainless steamer to add sophisticated style  

Turn to this signature piece for one-pot meals

Simply your kitchen routine with this stylish skillet

Excellent for searing to frying, sautéing, and so much more, this everyday pan’s (opens in new tab) bountiful size makes serving up family-style spreads quick and convenient. Plus, the three spectacular shades available are exquisite as ever.  Ensure every meal in your home receives A-list treatment by platting them in this gorgeous dinnerware set. (opens in new tab) Constructed from impervious stoneware, every vessel highlights a reactive glaze that fuses subtle variations in tone.  Whether you’re boiling pasta or steaming veggie, this stainless steamer (opens in new tab)is essential for on-pot family meals and excellent for a large family gathering. Factor in the vibrant exterior and matching handles makes it sophisticated enough to elevate any current decor. 

When it comes to one-pot meals, this signature dutch oven (opens in new tab) is unmatched. Made of durable cast iron with a matte black enamel finish, this 5-quart piece an essential for oven-to-table cooking and entertaining. 

From sautéing to roasting, baking to frying, searing, and so much more – you’ll use this everyday pan (opens in new tab) all the time. This skillet makes oven-to-table cooking and entertaining easy, while the generous size is suitable for family-style cooking.