Christie Brinkley.  The 67-year-old model was ostensibly leading the Regencycore trend long before any of our Bridgerton binges. According to Instagram, the mom-of-two has been a long-time fan of the historical glamour, careful color coordination, and regal patterns.

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Her devotion is evident in her blue-and-white dining room chair with a gold-accented frame. It provokes the same Regency style – that was popularized in England in the early 19th Century – in an over-the-top fashion that remains reserved and subtle.  A photo posted by on Now, the most intricate detail about Brinkley’s interiors is the surrounding she has chosen to pair around this chair. Instead of opting for a complete set of matching chairs to correspond with her marble dining room table, she’s gone ahead and introduced a vintage element into the room, opting for an array of different styles and wooden hues to complement her focal point. It’s genius – and for those looking to follow similarly, Christie Brinkley’s dining room ensemble is an exceptional blueprint on how-to.  A photo posted by on Master the art of Regency-inspired decor like Christie Brinkley by incorporating any of the five chairs below. It’s the most effortless way to infuse Bridgerton vibes into your home while receiving her supermodel-stamp-of-approval too.  See: Regencycore – Bridgerton starts a whole new luxury trend for interiors

Begin with a chair that’s reminiscent of a family heirloom

Flirt with a chair that’s pretty and practical

Opt for a fluted frame 

Forge forward fearlessly with this two-toned masterpiece 

Live luxuriously in this leather-accented rendition 

The luxurious details of this chenille dining chair (opens in new tab) characterize those of a cherished family heirloom. From the turned and sculpted front legs to the gold tipping to the paisley-patterned material, this chair brings sumptuous seating to the table. 

This class round-backed armchair (opens in new tab) crafted from American white oak offers carved detailing and a distressed finish to create a simple, sophisticated seating choice. 

The fluted wooden frame and elegant cabriole legs create a weathered vintage French-Inspired chair (opens in new tab), that’s both charming and mostly modern. 

Combine a little French flair with a bold color palette, and you’ve got a piece (opens in new tab) that’s fit for royalty. Made of masterfully carved European beech wood and hand-painted in Aurora, this chair is buzzing with details right on down to its honeycomb-patterned fabric.  Between the kiln-dried hardwood frame, removable spring poly dacron cushions, and a variety of shades and patterns available, it’s hard-pressed to find a chair more luxurious than this one. (opens in new tab)