While candles are, of course, popular year round, there’s just something extra special about selecting the perfect Christmas candle - or candles - to scent your home and set the atmosphere each year.  Seasonal fragrances, from cloves or cinnamon to eucalyptus or fir, are a powerful tool in adapting your mood and putting you right there in the midst of the festive spirit.

Make the most of your festive selections by learning how to make your candles last longer

The vessels and containers, too, are absolutely to look forward to. Whether you collect the limited edition offering from your go-to brand, or you’re searching for the perfect design to suit your holiday scheme, there’s a votive for your home this season. We’ve selected our absolute favorites for this year, and so whichever lights a spark for you, there should be a Christmas buy for you.

Click here to see our Christmas candles choices for the UK

The best US Christmas candles

Based in the US of A or buying for someone who is? These are the best Christmas candles to shop for. Click here to see our Christmas candles choices for the UK.

1. Moonlit Fir

2. Holiday Candles

3. Cypress & Fir

4. Winter Harbor 

5. St. Nicholas

6. Holiday Pop

7. Crushed Candy Cane

8. Cider and Clove

9. Portable Xmas Tree

10. Winter Bouquet

The best UK Christmas candles

In the UK? These Christmas candles are our favorite picks. Iconic French brand Diptyque have launched three new fragrances for the 2020 Holiday season -  Floral Majesty, Amber Feather and our favourite Moonlit Fir. Contained in a lively green glass jar and black lid, this candles is scented with the invigorating pine, eucalyptus and peppermint, capturing the feeling of an aromatic forest. With the individual candles sold out in most stores, the gift set of the three Cire Trudon Christmas 2020 candles is the only way to go The candles - Fir, Gabriel and Gloria - are presented in a unique glass inspired by champagne buckets. These Tuscan hand-crafted designs are a truly luxurious choice.  More than meets the eye - this muted ombré Christmas Tree from Paddywax is actually two stackable ceramic candles and a matching incense holder. The fragrance notes include Douglas Fir, pine, cypress, mistletoe leaves and bergamot. For a coastal home, choose a candle that reflects your surroundings this winter. This bark-encased candle has key notes of smoke, orange spice, fir and pine, to keep you feeling cozy even is the ocean is raging. From Australia comes this handcrafted soy and wax candles in a delightfully curved matte green glass jar. The fresh, earthy candles has scents of pine, fir needles, ash and smoke. Add some glitz to your table this Christmas or hostess gift with this (reusable) golden vessel.  This Jonathan Adler candle is infused with scents of crisp winter air - pine, berries, cinnamon and clove. *With Code CYBER A three wick candle in a prettily patterned tin, this Voluspa design is a perfect gifting option. The candle is scented with tarocco blood orange, goji berries, clove and white cypress.  The scent of mulled cider creates such a comforting, seasonal atmosphere, and this candles mixes in clove, orange peel and cinnamon, too, to offer all the festive feels. The wooden lid to the jar adds a lovely, rustic touch, too.   This limited edition holiday candles brings the smell of Christmas trees into your home - perfect whether you’ve got an artificial tree or if you’re a pine scent addict. The soy- and vegetable-wax option has notes of of grand Pacific fir and Silesian forest. Iconic kitchenwares brand MacKenzie-Childs’ range Glow Home Apothecary has a fresh, clean scent with this Winter bouquet candle. Think notes of a forest in bloom, mixed with the warmth of of spicy cloves.

1. Frosted Cherry and Clove

2. Winter Indulgence

3. Juniper Jazz

4. Diptyque Holiday Collection

5. Neom Organics candle

6. Holiday Hearth

7. Christmas Candle Making Kit

8. Frankincense & Myrrh

Well known for their limited edition candles, Jo Malone has a few new Christmas options this year, but our top choice is the warm and juicy Frosted Cherry and Clove. The sweet cherry meets spicy clove, warming cinnamon and amber. The candle comes in a beautiful Art Deco inspired-design glass jar.

While the largest size of this candle may have sold out over Black Friday, you can still have a chance to scent your home with the medium version.  This  candle infused with cinnamon, orange and berries is a classic from The White Company, and no Christmas living room is complete without one one the coffee table.  *With Code MAGICAL20

This Roaring Twenties inspired candle will act as a chic addition to your candle offerings this Christmas. Fragranced with metallic nites, mint and juniper berries, it’s an enlivening scent that might just get you doing the Charleston. Part of the Holiday Collection is the charming animals that are stars of the story and each one is represented by a new scent.  Floral Majesty (the lion) has the scent of roses warmed with spices, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon; Amber Feather (the swan) has citrus notes with warming orange, cinnamon and ginger; Moonlit Fir (above, the stag), has the scent of a forest with underlying notes of eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint.  Buy them as a set of three small candles or as full size individual candles. This candle contains the highest possible percentage of the purest possible essential oils – a complex blend of pure, natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrance with nothing else added.  The therapeutic scent of 16 pure essential oils has been expertly blended: there’s rose to lift your mood and lime and black pepper to stimulate the mind. Warm afternoons in Moroccan kasbahs, flanked by thousands of damask pink buds and blousy petals? Yes please. With a delightful 20% off candles at Yankee Candle this Black Friday, you can really stock up for Christmas. One of our favorites is the warm, earthy and cozy Holiday Hearth, perfect for adding atmosphere when gathering with friends and families this holiday season.

Give yourself or a friend not just a candle, bugt a relaxing and rewarding activity, This sweet candle making kit comes with a small enamel container for your candle, soy wax, wick, Christmas-inspired essential oils, stirrers and full instructions.

What could be more festive than a golden candle offering notes of  frankincense and myrrh? At such a great price point, this is the perfect for a hostess gift, or to simply stock up your home.