Whether you’re looking for a traditional fir and berries wreath, a modern metallic option, or a delicate minimalist look, there’s a Christmas wreath ready to finish off your winter look. Discover out top choices for these perennial favorites below – and don’t miss our other wonderful Christmas finds on our dedicated page.

The best Christmas wreath sales today

Below, we’ve listed the best wreaths on sale – then a selection of beautiful buys that we’ve picked out, just because…

1. Best eucalyptus Christmas wreath

2. Best traditional Christmas wreath

3. The best contemporary Christmas wreath

4. The best berry wreath

5. The best wooden wreath

6. The best luxury wreath

7. The best quirky wreath

8. The best red Christmas wreath

9. The best frosted wreath

10. The best fruit-laden wreath

11. The best eco-conscious wreath

What can I use for a Christmas wreath?

If you’re making your own wreath for your front door, you have lots of natural options to choose from.  Best used indoors, the soft metallics will shine beautifully with the gentle reflections of fairy lights and candles. *Enjoy 20% off your first purchase on the website Browse all the Christmas wreaths at Cox & Cox (opens in new tab) The seasonal berries, fir and pine cones hark back to Christmasses past, while the simply twisted branches add a touch of modern style.  Browse all the Christmas wreaths at Wayfair (opens in new tab) Each wreath is handmade and comprised of iron-cut leaves with an antique silver finish. This is a great versatile option as it could be used the whole year round if so desired. See all the Christmas wreaths on sale at The White Company (opens in new tab) This faux option uses the statement shade in a relaxed and natural looking manner, meaning it will be just as home in a color-pop party scheme as it will a more minimal interior. Shop holiday decor at Anthropologie (opens in new tab)  Created from realistic woven birch twigs with festive metallic highlights, this light-up wreath is encircled with sweet sparkly cork stars.   See all the Christmas wreaths on sale at Marks & Spencer (opens in new tab)

Add a sense of luxe to your front door this Christmas with this dazzling creation. A base of glittering asparagus fern holds dazzling additions including golden fir cones, wax roses and Ilex berries. Instead o the traditional foliage look, this choice has been created with glossy black feathers, leaving a wonderful silky finish.  See all of Graham and Green’s wreaths and garlands (opens in new tab) Packed to the rafters with real, albeit festively glittery, pinecones, seedheads and berries, this wreath checks off all the seasonal favorites. See all the Christmas wreaths on sale at John Lewis (opens in new tab) Even if we don’t get a White Christmas this year, you can still add some snow inspired touches. This traditional pine wreath has a generous dusting of a faux snow effect, so =no matter the weather, you’ll get that festive feeling. Adorn your space with deliciously fragrant memories of Christmas with this real wreath. A mix of dried oranges, limes, apples, peppers and pines cones, as well as seasonal foliage, this wreath has it all. Part of their Project Earth campaign, Selfridges has a selection of upcycled wreaths including this showstopping blue and gold bauble-laden option. See all of Selfridges Christmas wreaths (opens in new tab) Select either a metal ring to wrap foliage around a soaked florist’s oasis to press pieces into. Layer up firs, eucalyptus, holly and ivy. Don’t forget berries, flowers and other seasonal touches like pine cones, cinnamon sticks or dried orange slices. For a homemade indoor wreath, consider a mixture of faux and fresh. Heating can dry out the fresh pieces quickly, so build a base of faux foliage and place a few fragrant sprigs in the mix, replacing when they go past their best. Finally, a string of battery-powered fairy lights (make sure they’re suitable for outdoor use if on the front door) or a statement bow and trailing ribbon finish off the look.

How do you pick the right size wreath?

Size is really up to you for an internal wreath. Choose one statement oversized design to take over a wall, or play with lots of miniature versions. Alternatively, mix and match large and small. For a front door you want to leave enough space on either side of the wreath so it doesn’t look out of place or clumsy. A good rule of thumb is to choose a wreath which leaves around 6 inches of space on either side.

How do you secure a wreath to the front door?

There are a few methods to ensure that your wreath is secured to your door. One of the most traditional ways is to use a ribbon or rustic twine. Loop this through the wreath and tie it before hanging over the door and tie onto an upside down hook on the inside of the door. Command hooks work well here as they are safe to use on most surfaces. Alternatively, there are magnetic hooks available too, which can be places on either side of a door; this is especially effective on glass doors.