If you’re wondering how to sleep better, the answer may be in one of the biggest paint trends of the season – color drenching.  This maximalist paint trend involves painting one color across multiple surfaces in one room – varying only in slightly different tones. The effect is bold and contemporary – but experts suggest its benefits stretch beyond its aesthetic.  

How color drenching can help you sleep – according to a psychologist

According to Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant Lee Chambers (opens in new tab), there are ‘multifaceted benefits of being surrounded by a chosen color.’ These benefits are ‘amplified by differing shades’ and not diluted by various other hues that would otherwise be in the bedroom.  ‘It also brings a sense of novelty, as few environments in our world are just one color, and creates a sense of order, which is particularly powerful when the world feels unstable and chaotic,’ he adds.  The psychologist explains that the feeling of stability is important to remember when thinking of bedroom color ideas. This is because, when we sleep, we are most vulnerable (from an evolutionary perspective). ‘Using color drenching can bring a feeling of connectedness, can reduce stimulation and make us feel like we are surrounded by the harmony of difference, that is all the same at it’s root, creating an orchestra of one color that plays in tandem and in tune,’ Lee adds. 

Which color is best for drenching in the bedroom?

Experts have already recommended using therapeutic shades (such as light blue and lilac) in the bedroom. But does the answer remain the same when it comes to color drenching? Lick’s (opens in new tab) Head Color Specialist, Natasha Bradley, suggests so. ‘Painting your walls, ceiling, and skirting in blue will have a positive effect on the body and mind as this hue reflects the color of the sky and ocean,’ she explains.  However, instead of using light blue exclusively, Natasha urges you to consider adding a darker blue to create a color combination that will promote a good night’s sleep.  ‘A light blue helps to relax the body and prepares us for sleep, whereas a darker shade of blue will cause the body to produce a chemical that is calming and provide a feeling of tranquillity,’ Natasha says.  Are you conceived to color drench? The decision to go bold could make a stylish statement and improve your sleeping habits simultaneously. We’re investing in one of these best mattresses and an abundance of paint as we speak.