‘It’s been a true collaboration throughout, from choosing the yarns and weaves to picking out the colors of the carpets and the complementary borders for the rugs,’ says Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors. ‘I love the deep ochre of Gorse and the soulful blue of Wishing Well, and I’m sure the neutral tones of Thatch and Sapling will be firm favourites with our readers and Fibre customers.’ The collection features two weaves, nubbly soft Twill and stylish Chevron, both suitable for all areas of the home, even high-traffic zones such as hallways and stairs.  The seven shades have been designed to work harmoniously together, so you can create a scheme that mixes and matches designs and colors throughout your home.

Choose from seven colors

There are seven colors in The Contemporary Collection from Country Homes & Interiors and Fibre, all available in either a Twill or a Chevron weave. ‘Our colors mirror the rise in warm, earthy tones and our desire to reproduce shades from nature in our own homes,’ says Julian Downes, Managing Director, Fibre. ‘From calming blue to joyful yellows which let the sunshine in, our colors are designed for layering.’ Wishing Well: The softest tone of freshwater blue with just a hint of delicate grey Gorse: The deep ochre hues of flowering gorse  Thatch: A beautiful beige with soft straw undertones  Travertine: Warm and timeless, a classic cream with a soft honey tone Sapling: A fresh shade of fawn partnered with a subtle touch of green Whisper: Soft on the breeze, a warm and inviting grey with a hint of pink  Shingle: A calming yet richly colored taupe 

Supporting independent British brands

‘Fibre is a brilliant independent British brand, based in Devon, with years of expertise in producing quality carpets from natural materials,’ says Editor, Andréa Childs. ‘Founder Julian Downes is passionate about being an ethical and sustainable business, and that really resonates with our ethos at Country Homes & Interiors.’ ‘We are delighted to partner with Country Homes & Interiors to introduce this beautiful collection,’ says Julian. ‘We have always admired the magazine and its celebration of beautiful modern country homes, and this launch reflects a shared love of country life and our increasing environmental awareness. 

Order samples and find a retailer

The Contemporary Collection comes as a broadloom in 4m and 5m widths or choose from a collection of rugs and runners with complementary borders. Prices start at £81m2.  To order free swatches, find your nearest retailer and learn more about the range please visit www.fibreflooring.com/TheContemporaryCollection (opens in new tab)