The 1960s skyscraper, which is counted as one of the world’s best homes due to its iconic status, was also recently home to Sandra Bullock, who listed her condo in December last year. Records acquired by Dirt (opens in new tab) suggest Courteney sold her apartment in an off-market deal to her next-door neighbor – similar to when she sold another one of her two adjoining units in Sierra Towers. In July 2020, the actress sold one of her apartments to LA socialite Angelique Soave for $2.9 million. This time, however, Angelique secured the second unit for $4.5 million, entirely taking over Courteney Cox’s space in the building. Almost as well known for her stylish homes as for her acting, little is known about Courteney’s decorating ideas for the condo. However, it’s likely that it is similar to that of her amazing Malibu home, which is largely decorated in naturals and neutrals. Her kitchen (seen in the video below) is often featured on her social posts and opens into a living space with comfortable couches. A photo posted by on There is much to learn about Sierra Towers and its residents, however.  A photo posted by on Angelique Soave, who was raised in Michigan, has spent approximately $11.8 million acquiring half of the 25th floor in recent years. She now owns three units – the two from Courteney and a final space from English actress Joan Collins who lived in the building.  Courteney Cox, who also starred in the Scream film franchise, never publicly offered the condo for sale, so insight into her apartment is sparse. However, Dirt reported that local tax records show the northeast-facing corner unit has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A living room and kitchen also make up 1,725 square feet of living space in the heart of Hollywood. Admired for its contemporary façade, Sierra Towers occupies a prime Sunset Strip location, and its history as a home for Hollywood royalty means that it is still sought-after among the most prestigious actors and socialites. Current residents include Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and comedian Adam Sandler. The building, designed by architect Jack A. Charney, has a gym and outdoor swimming pool for its residents. Most units also boast a terrace with an outdoor seating area – that is (almost certainly) the talking point of any house party.

Where does Courteney Cox live currently?

Courteney Cox may have sold her Hollywood condo, but she still has a primary property in the Golden State. The actress owns an oceanfront estate overlooking scenic Paradise Cove, complete with a chic white kitchen, tennis court, and a stylish screening room.