While it’s best to shop locally when buying a real fir tree, if you’re buying a faux tree, you couldn’t have time it better. If a retailer hasn’t sold out of their stock already following the Black Friday sales, they’ll be keen to offload their remaining stock today, before the demand for Christmas trees wears off. To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas tree deals out there and listed them below.  So what are you waiting for? Get busy and snap up a new tree now before it’s too late!

Christmas trees in the US Christmas trees in the UK Search by country: use these links to jump to Best Christmas tree deals for the US or Best Christmas tree deals for the UK. Not sure what you’re looking for? Simply scroll down to discover all of the brilliant Christmas tree deals we’ve found for you in all of the categories.

Best Christmas tree deals for the US

A Christmas tree is - quite simply - a must-have this time of year and here’s our favorite of all the deals out there:

Best Christmas tree deals for the UK

Some retailers are running sales all though December – we’ve picked out our favorite Christmas tree bargains below.  Add holiday shine to your gathering space with this 6.5-ft. Festive Pine Artificial Christmas tree. It features 250 color-changing LED lights to bring a warming glow to your space.

Great for small space, this stylish, slimline Christmas tree could be just what you are looking for. 

What types of Christmas trees are available?

Real, artificial or alternative? While a locally-grown real tree is the most eco option available, an artificial tree needs to be used for at least nine years it’s definitely worth buying the best quality tree you can find. We explain the various Christmas tree options on the market for 2020. Snowy-tipped branches of this lush, pre-lit tree give it a fresh-from-the-forest feel. The lights can be changed from warm white to colour in both steady or flashing, so you can adjust it for a different look whenever the mood takes you. Bring the snowy outdoors into your home this Christmas. Perfect for smaller spaces, this shimmering gray tree will bring a contemporary elegance to your festive celebrations. This classic 5ft tree is a great choice if you like to have multiple trees in your home. Easy to store after use as it comes with a foldable stand, it doesn’t come pre- lit so you can add as many of your own lights as you choose.

The Vermont White Spruce is one of Balsam Hills most popular Christmas trees, and it is easy to see why. This tree is one of the most lifelike artificial Christmas trees you will ever see.  It also comes with their innovative Easy Plug™ technology.

Artificial trees 

Artificial trees naturally offer a larger variety of shapes and colors from the snow covered to ready-decorated trees, but you should expect to pay more for a good quality tree that will last.   Investing in a good quality tree will mean years of use, that is easy to adapt each year by adding different baubles, fresh flowers or evergreens to your display.  Of course the biggest plus-point – no dropped needles to be vacuuming up for the rest of the year.  Finding the right tree to match your budget and style can be so much  easier than buying a fresh tree, the advantage with artificial designs allows you to find the right size to fit your room, perfect for those with limited space. It also opens up the option of housing more than one tree, perhaps a smaller one on a side table to complement your main tree.  

Real trees

How to choose the right evergreen tree for your home.  Norway Spruce – Mid-green color with much softer foliage, a little lighter than the Normann fir with more of a traditional shape.  Normann Fir – Now the most popular tree, distinctive broad, bold  green needles with whitish underside, stays fresh the longest time but one of the more expensive trees. The Normann Fir is often less prickly and will withstand warmer environments. Lodgepole Pine – A brighter green color tinged slightly with yellow and has a sharp refreshing fragrance.  Scots Pine – often a good shape but can have long slightly twisted needles which makes hanging baubles a little trickier. The Scots pine tends to hold it’s needles well and has a beautiful fresh pine smell.

Alternative real trees

Container grown tree  Grown for one season in their pots, these trees tend to be smaller, usually no more than 5ft and should be cared for  much in the same way as cut flowers. Before buying, lift from the pot  to check the root system, and examine the needles for freshness.  Water and care for the tree as you would do any other houseplant, and  keep away from direct sunlight. Spray the needles regularly so they retain their shine. After Christmas, it is probably best to repot the tree in a larger container rather than planting it in the garden straight away. Root-balled trees  These trees are dug up with the roots intact  surrounded by earth and contained within a ‘ball’ of sacking. The tree can be transferred into a pot once the sacking is removed and cared  for as you would the container grown tree.  Carefully remove the  sacking, give the roots a good soak then pot in moist earth. Keep the soil moist, but do not allow it to become waterlogged. The tree will have a good chance of survival if planted in the garden after Christmas.   Bare-root tree  These have been extracted from the ground with their larger roots, although the smaller ones will have been broken off. They are usually  small or very young. Soak the roots well before potting up, ensure that  the earth is kept damp, but do not overwater. Potted up in moist earth, they should stay fresh and retain their needles.  The tree may survive if it is planted out immediately after Christmas and is well watered for the next few months. 

What retailers will have the best Christmas tree deals?

Any major retailers who stock Christmas trees and decorations are worth checking in on. We’d recommend getting an idea of prices early so you can spot the best discounts – but we’ll be updating this page too, so you can keep checking here. The retailers we expect to have strong Christmas tree deals are: John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab) Debenhams (opens in new tab) Wayfair (opens in new tab) The White Company (opens in new tab) Cox & Cox (opens in new tab) Dunelm (opens in new tab) eBay (opens in new tab) Happy shopping!

How to buy a Christmas tree?

For many the evergreen tree is the essence of Christmas. It is central to the seasonal festivities as decoration, the focus for gatherings and the giving of gifts. When lovingly decorated and brightly illuminated a real tree takes on a magical quality in your home filling it with that fragrant pine smell so true of Christmas.  Before going out to buy your tree, it’s vital to find the right place to put it. Once you’ve worked out where it will go, measure the space to make sure you’ve got the maximum height and maximum width so you don’t end up with one that’s far too big or small.  A tree that’s too wide could end up just being in your way and get knocked, which could cause  needle loss. If necessary, some branches can be trimmed for a better fit.

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