Built in 2012, this condo has an industrial feel, with concrete adorning the ceilings and walls throughout the home. This industrial-style interior remains an on-trend look: it adds depth to a scheme, complements period buildings such as lofts and warehouses as  well as new-builds and adds an updated edge to a country style too. But it can create a cold look if used over-zealously, so it was up to interior designer Christine Lin at Form + Field to ensure that this family home remained calm and serene yet characterful.  Led by Christine, Form + Field (opens in new tab) creates original interiors that honor the identity, history, and surroundings of our clients. With an emphasis on art, architecture, and eclectic modernism, the firm cultivates every project as a partnership. We speak to interior design Christine Lin about the design project.

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Our clients, a husband, wife, and their 10-month-old baby wanted a cohesive design and a finished home that they could be proud to show off.  The family had spent the past few years not living in a fully settled state, and wanted a bright and cozy home, despite living in new-build condo with a dark interior. 

Living room

The fundamental aim in the living room was to create a cozy space within a glass and concrete box.  To warm up the space we introduced a mix of wood elements, upholstered surfaces and plenty of luxe layers, thus creating a juxtaposition that works wonderfully.

Dining room

Here, we wanted to add natural beauty with wood finishes. Out of fashion for a while, wood is now enjoying a bit of a revival. Wood introduces a sense of warmth and character into a scheme and works equally well in modern and traditional homes.  For subtle drama, we replaced the light fixture with a simple oversized pendant. It is the perfect addition to a simple scheme.

Main bedroom

A wallpaper makeover was just what this bedroom needed for a simple yet striking transformation.  It’s important to decide on what look you want to achieve; whether it’s a chic hotel-inspired boudoir or a natural, peaceful retreat, picking the right  pattern and color is key for a successful revamp.  Here, we used the homeowner’s existing bed and chose clean lines for the bedside tables, while the wallpaper provides a calm canvas for bold artwork and bed linen.


Designing a nursery that will suit your child as they grow, will save you both time and money in the long run, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun, or spark creativity.  In this space, we wanted to evoke a bright and cheerful aesthetic, so it was essential for us to get this right.  Botanicals are back in a big way for this year, so we found an enduring style that we believe will be a timeless addition to this nursery.  Photography / Molly Haas Interior design / Christine Lin / Form + Field (opens in new tab)