See ourDesign house: Modern apartment with sweeping views of Brooklyn, designed by Joyce Sitterly Interior Design


The new Covent Garden project, a two bedroom ground floor apartment, was completed in late June 2019. The project pushes the boundaries of modern design with a highly androgynous look. The apartment is a story of silhouettes. Every viewpoint presents a layered, dimensional aspect of the home, contrasting foreground and background at every turn. This creates a holistic design scheme that leaves no point of view unconsidered. Some of the pieces that add to this stylistic narrative are the bedside pendants by Bert Frank, the occasional chair in the living room by Platner and the marble coffee table by Novocastrian.


A motif of curves is ricocheted around the space, from the sculptural, globular sculptures in the entrance hall to the bespoke Art Deco inspired headboard, to the use of undulating line in the voluptuous living room. See ourDesign house: This elegant home in New York is a calming oasis in the busy city, designed by Amy Kalikow


Angular accents amongst the apartment pierce the apartment’s prominent sense of fluidity.


The sharp angles of the utilitarian track lighting, geometric finish of the dining room table and surrealist artwork above the sofa underpin the generous dimensions. So too does the bespoke brass inlaid panelling in the corridor.


‘Carpeting adds warmth to an interior. We are in turbulent times and during these periods people tend to look to textures that offer comfort. There is something about the feel of a plush soft carpet which is incredibly reassuring,’ says Trilbey. ‘Statement carpets were a trend we thought we’d left behind. But style is cyclical and we’re in the midst of a 1970s-inspired interiors boom. Joe Colombo, Nanda Vigo and Willy Rizzo were all designers from the 1960s and 70s that had penchant for carpet and their aesthetic feels very relevant now.’


See ourDesign house: Laid-back, neutral home in LA, designed by Alice Lane Interior Design The show flat is priced at £1,690,000. Photography/ Chapter House (opens in new tab) Interior design/ Trilbey Gordon (opens in new tab)