The interiors are bright, open plan and are punctuated with bursts of color and pattern that lend a gentlemen’s club vibe to the property.  Although designer pre-pandemic, the entire collaboration was done remotely. ‘It was a seamless process – the clients knew exactly what they wanted and we were happy to deliver them their dream home,’ say the interior designers at Etch Design Group.

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The property

Exuberant geometric designs effortlessly combine with classic mid-century pieces. This was a must for the owners of this condo – a second home – in Travis Heights, Texas. The homeowners spend the majority of their time in Chicago, so this home had to look different yet still match their sense of style.


The designers aimed to create a one-of-a-kind look with a dazzling mix of colors and patterns. They have brought the property back to life, highlighting its original features with bold color choices, witty fabric treatments, standout wallpapers and wooden accents throughout.  When it comes to furniture and soft furnishings, the owners love of sustainable, nature-derived materials shines through. See: Hallway ideas – stylish ways to create a welcoming first impression

Open-plan living space

In this small room, the designers have given the area space to breathe by moving furniture away from the walls. Pulling the furniture away from the walls, even by just a couple of inches, creates breathing space that will make your room appear more spacious. The earthy tones of the furniture and soft furnishings combine to create a scheme that is at one with the Texas landscape.  See: Living room ideas – clever ways to decorate living spaces

Dining room

The Ferm Living wallpaper in the dining room was inspiration for the whole scheme. The subtle geometric design on the dark blue color resembles the Texas sky at night, and pairs beautifully with the leather dining chairs and oak-stained wood flooring.  ‘Although the blue wallpaper would typically set the stage for cool tones, we paired it with a warm palette throughout the rest of the house,’ says the designers. ‘It creates consistency throughout the home, while allowing for uniqueness in every space.’


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Main bedroom

In the bedroom, an off-white backdrop sets the stage for an array of materials, fabrics and elements of color, pattern and art.  See: Bedroom ideas – designs and inspiration for beautiful bedrooms Associated with the emergence of modernism in the early 20th-century, white walls were popularised by architects such as Le Corbusier, whose white cubic buildings were the epitome  of changing modern design. Symbolic of cleanliness and purity, white walls are key to a minimalist look with their light-reflecting quality cleverly increasing the appearance of space in the home.

Garden / patio

Small gardens, rooftops and city terraces can all make enticing outdoor spaces with a little care and attention. Visual tricks, good lighting, interesting planting and comfortable seating will play to  the strengths of the most awkward or compact of gardens. In smaller or enclosed spaces, it’s important to draw the eye through simple,  enticing design. If your space is overlook, consider installing a pergola or covered patio, as done here.  For more advice, see our patio cover ideas. 

Roof terrace

Take your property to new heights with a carefully curated roof garden. Here, the designers have used elements of the inside space to create a rooftop that is awash with color, comfort and cozy aesthetic. An outdoor rug is essential for warmth underfoot. For more inspiration, see our roof garden ideas.  Interior design / Etch Design Group (opens in new tab) Photography / Mia Baxter Smail