Speaking recently to H&G in our podcast, The Well-Crafted Life, Eva revealed her interior design tips, including her go-to color combination and the tones she pairs in her own home. 

The perfect color pairing – according to Eva Sonaike

‘My favorite color trends and combinations are dusky pinks with a touch of copper and a really warm sage green. I love pinks and greens,’ Eva begins. Though, before we indulge in this bold yet ever-so stylish aesthetic, she confesses that this pairing is not at the forefront of her own interiors.  ‘I don’t have a lot of pink and green in my home apart from accessories. I love really beautiful purples, and lilacs and my bedroom is very different – it’s plainer with a lot of white and gray, but the main colors are soft lilac and purple accessories, of course,’ she says.  Plus, Eva reminds you to consider your location and the colors beyond your four walls, as more vibrant exteriors may need balancing with softer hues inside.  ‘I am working on a house in Greece at the moment. There is a lot of blue and green in the surroundings, so you wouldn’t need as much color on the inside as you would here [in the UK]. I think every house should have color, every wardrobe should have color, and then life is more enjoyable,’ Eva explains. Plus, while pink and green remain the superior paint idea for every room, Eva suggests that all colors have the transformative power to create a happy home, as long as they’re bold, bright, and inevitably beautiful.  ‘I believe that color enhances everybody’s life. Color is a super-easy way to enhance people’s lives and people’s moods. For me, the foundation is color, and every home, in my opinion, should have color,’ she shares.  So, while we may have reshaped our living room paint ideas to showcase our favorite pink and green tones, we can rest assured that all hues have Eva Sonaike’s seal of approval. We just need to remember one fundamental rule: always choose color. Our schemes thank you, Eva.