‘There is something rather wonderful about the opportunity and optimism that a new year offers,’ says Tricia Guild of Designers Guild (opens in new tab).  ‘In many Nordic countries, they find the blanket of snow – that invariably covers the landscape in January with its pristine whiteness – a perfect time to re-set and re-focus, which feels like a very worthwhile exercise even with the absence of snow. ‘The last couple of years have taught us so much about our quality of life, how our homes are our havens, how time spent outdoors in nature can be life-affirming, how our families and friends are vital to our well-being… it’s important to hold these values close as we look forward to hopefully, a more “normal” year. ‘I, for one, will be making a few changes at home to reflect a new mood that feels hopeful and optimistic.’ Here, Tricia shares interior design tips on how she creates a fresh feel for her rooms.

1. Wallpaper

‘Wallpaper is a wonderful way of adding character and atmosphere to a space – this season, papers are rich and decorative. I love the clashing mix of pattern on walls, furniture and at windows and accessories. Floral details and tactile textures are definitely a winning combination and feel right for now. If you like a more restrained style – take a look at two gorgeous graphic papers that we have reissued from our very first collection – Jaal (above) and Shaqui (below)  had pride of place in our “Village” collection and now more than 50 years later and in new colorways – they are absolutely gorgeous.’

2. Throws and cushions

‘There’s nothing like a new throw and cushions to refresh and recharge your living space. I love to have different sets of accessories that I change regularly. Some I have had for ages, while others are new and it’s exciting to mix them up for a different feeling.’

3. Artwork

‘Change pictures and photographs around – this is a great exercise and means that you really notice your pictures, art and photographs in a new way. Moving them around and hanging them on different walls and brings a different energy that is noticeable.’

4. A splash of color

‘Why not add some color to tired walls – it really need not take an age or be expensive to simply paint a wall or two in a room of your choice. The difference a shot of your favourite color will make to how you feel about home is quite wonderful.’