Using a combination of search data and designer expertise, a recent study* has revealed the key features that will make waves in the seasons ahead. Some of which have already started dominating interior design trends in kitchens worldwide.  So, what do you need to know to get ahead of the crowd? These are the kitchen ideas you’re about to see everywhere.  

The ‘dream kitchen’ in 2022 

According to Houzz (opens in new tab), searches for ‘kitchen designers’ surged by 199% on their platform during 2021. They highlighted a desire for a versatile kitchen that is suitable for cooking, dining, working, and socializing. This meant that demand for a ‘multifunctional space with flexible zoning’ was the most sought-after design feature of the year.  Other features include ‘flat-fronted or shaker-style cabinetry,’ ‘display cabinets with frosted or reeded glass’, and ‘taupe or cream palettes’ – meaning the future kitchen color trends are about to appear highly neutral.  Plus, according to Tom Howley (opens in new tab), Design Director at the eponymous kitchen company, this ‘dream kitchen’ is certain to be a reality for many homeowners in the near future. The designer has similarly observed demand for these features – most especially glass-fronted cabinetry.  ‘Glass is an excellent finish for kitchens. Not only do glazed cabinets break up the monotony of repetitive, solid fronted doors – especially in large spaces – they maximize the flow of light into darker corners,’ he says.  ‘Having glass-fronted doors is as good as open shelving when it comes to displaying your prized pieces. They’re also fantastic when accessing everyday essentials allowing you to see what you have and where you’ve put things.’ The experts also forecast demand for ‘statement surfaces’ (following a 250% rise in searches for waterfall islands in 2021), ‘quartz’ (up by 417%), ‘hot water taps,’ and ‘smart’ and space-saving three-in-one appliances.’ ’Homeowners are favoring a more muted color palette, with a focus on high-quality finishes and space-saving ‘smart’ appliances, designed to make family life easier,’ they add.  The future of kitchen interior design begins right now. Happy decorating this 2022.  

  • Study by Houzz