As search demands for statement headboard ideas jump by 103%, we caught up with the experts to determine why these pieces are trending and how to mirror the allure of Kit’s Firmdale Hotels (opens in new tab) in our homes.  ‘Headboards are an inexpensive way of transforming a bedroom. They are essentially alternative forms of artwork,’ shares Martin Waller, founder of global design house Andrew Martin, which has recently launched a new fabric collection (opens in new tab) with Kit. The designer offers his tips on making this daring statement work in any bedroom below. 

1. Use a statement headboard instead of artwork

Martin urges us to make the headboard the focal point of our rooms and to use these bold pieces as you would use a piece of art. He encourages us not to be afraid to ‘choose a more outlandish style’ as ’this only adds more character’. ‘We no longer need artwork in bedrooms when we have a headboard shaped to elaborate perfection or upholstered in a bold-patterned fabric acting as a piece of artwork itself,’ Martin states.  See: Bedroom ideas – designs and inspiration to decorate and furnish your space stylishly

2. Choose a headboard that reflects your personality

‘More care and attention will be placed in our bedrooms as we spend more time at home and have an increased appreciation of the space. Look towards using intricate headboards as a way of introducing personality to a space. Our bedroom interiors should be as individual as the people that inhabit them,’ Martin shares. 

Why not combine two trends in one? A statement headboard is a perfect way of mirroring other interior design crazes, such as chintz – one of the biggest trends of the season. In the discussion of their fabrics, Kit and Martin encourage us to mirror these designs through a patterned headboard, as Kit shares: ‘It’s fun bringing an old material like chintz bang up to date.’  ‘Martin can really take something ordinary and make it extraordinary,’ Kit says. ‘And Kit’s trademark is courage with color,’ adds Martin.

4. Choose a headboard that brings out features in your room 

While a headboard acts as the focal point of a room, Scarlett Blakey, Founder of Ophelia Blake Interior Design (opens in new tab), suggests using the piece to complement other accessories in our room and create a curated space that mirrors a hotel’s ambiance.  ‘The finishing touches will be what transforms your space into the perfect calming environment for you. Making a feature out of a bed will turn it into something you can’t wait to get into after a busy day. Statement headboards are a really easy way to bring the room to life and add a focal point. Use bold colors and be adventurous with style, pattern, and textures, choosing something which complements other features in the room,’ Scarlett shares.  Room above – with magnificent headboard – designed by VSP Interiors (opens in new tab).

5. Make the ultimate statement with a bold color contrast 

The statement headboard trend is admired for its fearless use of pattern and color – so, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, follow Kit’s lead and use your headboard to create a striking color contrast.  See: Kit Kemp’s interior design tips – a masterclass Kit’s blog (opens in new tab) is full of design inspiration, but none quite as appropriate as her ‘striking contrast,’ made with a dark headboard, featuring ‘liquéd falling leaves in a golden yellow, made from vintage kimonos.’ ‘This tactile detailing reflects the bold yellow on the curtains and walls, tying the whole scheme together,’ Kit shares.  If anybody can convince us to get behind this bright and brilliant trend, it is Kit. Do you dare to get involved?