Perfect for your home office or to significantly improve your place of work, these desk organizers are the ultimate solution against clutter, and can boost your productivity. The right desk organizer for you will depend on what it is exactly you need to store, which probably means zoning in on the items that you reach for almost every day. If you still like to write by hand, that means factoring in space for stationery, or if you prefer to do everything on your computer, then think about ways you can hide pesky cables and wires.  Finding a desk organizer that works for you will help to improve every aspect of your office, and mean that everything you need is a simple reach away. For more tips on perfecting your working space, head to our guide on organizing a desk. 

9 desk organizers for a sleek and tidy office 

1. This desk organizer with drawers is the key to a tidy office

2. This stylish desk organizer tray is a must-have for any office

3. A wood desk organizer will suit any retro office look

4. A desk organizer for pens for anyone who likes putting pen to paper

5. Acrylic desk storage allows you to organize every element of your storage

6. A leather desk organizer will never go out of style

7. A desk organizer for your devices allows you to beat the mess of cables

8. This hanging desk organizer and calendar will help you keep focused

10. This metal desk organizer has so much space - and is easy to keep clean

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Organizing your office is essential for getting your work done in a relaxed setting. If you haven’t quite laid eyes on your organizer of dreams yet, then there are plenty of excellent retailers with high-end picks to keep you on the right track. These are our favorite places to shop for desk organizers with a touch of luxury. Drawers are at the top of the agenda for many looking for the ultimate desk organizer, and this computer perch offers spacious storage within drawers without disrupting the careful design of your office. Cleverly, there’s also a felt layer attached to the bottom of these drawers to prevent any damage.  A desk tray is the simplest way to transform your office, and this pick is modern, stylish, and perfect for everyday use. Minimalist and crafted from recycled materials, this tray can also be stacked or used separately, making it super versatile.  Create a rustic look instantly with this wood organizer, which has separate compartments for stationery, paper and more. Simply made with teak wood and with a natural grain, this is is a classic piece to add to your office. Every desk needs a spot for pens, pencils and other assorted smaller stationery, and this duo cup set provides just the place for your things. Made from leather and the perfect size to perch next to your main organizer, this is an added extra you need to really streamline your writing process.  Made from thick acrylic and helpfully stackable and interchangeable, you won’t find a desk organizer as clean and tidy as this. The clear design means that you can keep on top of exactly what’s inside those drawers, and add a touch of modern chic to your office.  Crafted from leather and with ample space for documents, letters, and more, this organizer allows you to display everything you need at the same time as organizing it.  This wooden box is the ultimate tool for keeping your devices stored neatly as you work. It’s great for anyone who has a separate work phone they need to keep handy whilst they type away all day. Ideal for tidying away wires, it can hold and charge six devices at once. This hanging desk organizer allows you to maximize space in your office, plus it’s a handy reminder for what you have coming up in the week thanks to its integrated calendar element. Keep your must-have possessions right by the door, so you can grab them on the way out too.  Sturdy and built to last, this organizer won’t let you down when it comes to arranging all of your desk essentials. Either kept as separate trays or slotted into a drawer formation, everything you need can be kept in one place with this pick. 

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