Inspired by the sun-soaked energy of Brazil’s beach life, the collection, designed by creative director for Dior Maison (opens in new tab) Cordelia de Catellane, is joyous and celebratory, and just the tonic we all need right now; a mood-boost in the form of positive design and colour. SeeHow to brew your own tea from homegrown ingredients The plates, vases, and decorative pieces come alive with bold and beautiful beach algae, colourful coral, and floral beauty. Even in his earliest creations, Christian Dior showed a fascination with Brazil. Inspired by the vibrant colours and joie de vivre of this tropical country, the founding couturier designed several dresses that payed tribute to Brazil, including the haute couture models Sao Paulo, Brazil and Soirée à Rio. This exotic voyage continues today with the Copacabana collection. Lightweight and colourful marine algae adorn a series of plates and form woven raffia placemats with their floral beauty. Vases, decorative baubles and glass boxes are transformed into delicate aquariums in which fish and delicate coral float in a radiant tribute to the art of entertaining. There’s also table linens and glassware emblazoned with fish, starfish, and other bright botanicals. The overall feel is designed to be elegant yet informal and “mixed with insouciance”, striking the perfect balance for a mood the nation is currently craving. SeeGreen therapy - how gardening can improve your physical and mental wellbeing