With its Greek-Revival architecture and Parisian interior-inspired suites (morning coffee in LeJardin, anyone?) Della Belle cultivates European grandeur with Louisiana elegance whilst emphasizing elements of the building’s heritage.  Among its most distinctive features is the quintessential Garden Parlor, the Solarium Swimming Pool, a carriage house, and the Boat House - where guests can indulge in the organic beauty of the property’s setting on the banks of Lake Charles.  Scroll down to admire the grandeur of Della Belle, then visit the world’s best homes to visit more beautiful properties.  Perhaps the crowning glory of Della Belle’s features is The Pharmacy Bar- an antique pharmacy that the owners purchased from France but rebuilt the antique structure as a secret bar.  Sound alluring? Della Belle has not always been this way. In fact, this house has had a scattered history of desirability. This 14,000-square-foot property was built in 1925 for the esteemed Krause family, who immersed themselves in the luxurious amenities of their home. However, following the Krause era, the house fell into a deep decline and was set to be torn down before current owners, Kathryn and Drew Hoffpauir, Sr., purchased the property. See: Explore Kelly Clarkson’s magnificent lakeside mansion in Tennessee - now on sale for $6.5m The couple, along with prestigious local designers Thomas Guy Interiors (opens in new tab), rejuvenated the original rooms to restore their former beauty while adding amenities guests expect from contemporary bed and breakfast. The team renovated the five grand bedrooms, four full baths, two half-baths, and the other charismatic rooms around the property.  They also created a 6,000-plus bottle wine cellar to keep glasses flowing after dusk sets over Lake Charles. We’ll be the first to raise a toast to Kathryn and Drew, and Thomas Guy Interiors for saving Della Belle and bringing this shrine to Louisianan grandeur into our lives.