See: Bathroom ideas – stylish decor ideas for all bathrooms Beyond their versatility, however, there is even more to admire about double shower heads – from their ability to turn our bathrooms into a spa-like sanctuary to their unrivaled aesthetic qualities. 

Why should we invest in double shower heads?

Here, the most prominent figures in the bathroom industry share why we should invest – and we have a feeling we’ll never look back. 

1. Add double shower heads to elevate your space into a spa-like bathroom 

Our recent Homes & Gardens report found that over the past year 14 percent of households have installed a new bathroom, while 18 percent plan to install a new bathroom this year. These figures come as many of us choose to create spaces that spark pleasure instead of being exclusively functional.  See: Bathroom trends 2021 – Inspiring new looks for your bathroom Double shower heads are among the easiest ways to elevate your space, as Yousef Mansuri, Head of Design at C.P. Hart (opens in new tab), suggests: ‘The bathroom has become even more of a sanctuary than ever before.’ ‘Bathrooms are expected to be better equipped both in terms of standard and luxury features. Many clients are requesting double shower heads in a master bathroom, as well as the classic double basins.’

2. Double shower heads are a bold statement piece  

Creative Director at Drummonds (opens in new tab), James Lentaigne, also emphasizes Yousef’s suggestion that double shower heads bring a spa-like ambiance to our bathrooms – before highlighting its highly aesthetic assets. ‘Increasingly, our clients are looking to make a design statement in the bathroom – double showers can form the centerpiece of a room and help achieve that ‘wow factor,’ James shares. He adds that the most effective way to achieve this effect is through ‘bold finishes such as brushed brass and aged bronze.’ 

3. Double shower heads cater to our ever-changing personality

‘In today’s world, it is all about personalization, and bathrooms are no different. People want their own space and to use products in their unique way,’ shares Yousef, in his recognition of what is perhaps, the double shower heads’ greatest quality. ‘One-half of a couple may prefer a rain shower, where the other may favor a powerful directional shower.  We can completely tailor any shower area to work perfectly for the individual,’ he adds.

4. Double shower heads are timeless – yet contemporary

Double shower heads may be the feature of the moment, but that doesn’t make them any less timeless. Yes, the heads allow us to pay homage to quintessential bathroom design and oozes with 1920’s glamor – especially when paired alongside bold patterned tiles. For a chic nod to history, follow James’ suggestion to use beautiful brass furnishings that will never go out of style.

5. Double shower heads are the ultimate time-saving tactic

Forget that daily morning rush to beat your partner to the shower because, you guessed it, double showers mean you can both get ready at the same time. But don’t just take our word for it. Yousef explains that this time-saving tip is one of the reasons behind the ‘rise in interest for double showers.’ ‘Busy couples can get ready at the same time, or even have different types of showers,’ Yousef adds.  We have a feeling the percentage of potential bathroom renovators may grow following this trend – we simply can’t wait to bring this flexible craze into our future bathroom layout ideas.