Christmas is the most sociable time on the calendar, but how can you ensure your entryway will leave an impact on all who visit? By learning from the best.  Enter Shea McGee, the Dream Home Makeover star who shared the key to a festive entryway is as simple as a candle. Sharing her interior design tips exclusively with Homes & Gardens, Shea reveals how to use a candle to create the first impression your home deserves.  

Shea McGee’s festive entryway secret 

As well as looking inviting this Christmas, an entryway should set the tone for the rest of your home – and should be considered alongside entryway ideas and hallway ideas to ensure a coordinated feel.  ‘The holidays mean lots of hosting and entertaining at our house, so it’s important that the entryway welcomes our guests with form and function,’ Shea says. ‘I love lighting a festive candle on our entryway table to set the scene, and I always have a basket close by for guests to drop their shoes.’ 

1. Curate atmospheric lighting 

Alongside sitting as a focal point on your entryway table, a candle adds atmospheric light to your festive space. However, as Shea suggests, choosing the right lighting for your hallway remains important after the holidays conclude.  ‘Illuminating your space is key in creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere,’ she adds whilst sharing her entryway ideas in her blog (opens in new tab). Alongside your candle, Shea recommends layering your lamps and adding a statement light that will ‘draw the eye up in an entryway.’ 

2. Invest in a stylish storage system  

Plus, Shea’s shoe storage idea will similarly endure after Christmas. The designer suggests choosing textural baskets that are ideal for storing your shoes after your guests leave. She also recommends investing in small bowls with ‘decorative details’ where you can keep your candles, books, and art pieces.  ‘Whether you have a small entryway, an open-concept entryway, or a traditional entryway, designing an inviting entryway space is all about creating a space that merges form with function,’ she adds.  While Shea’s Christmas decorating ideas will bless our entryway over the holidays, these versatile tips will stay in fashion long into 2022. The only thing left to do is find the best candle for the season.