While the tone of your wall will influence your sleeping pattern, the color of your bedsheets is equally as crucial to a good night’s rest. The surprising twist? Your white bed sheets may be stopping you from enjoying a long slumber. The ever-favorite bedsheet color may be impacting your ability to sleep better – so it is time to rethink your bedroom ideas and sleep on a transformative new tone. Here’s what you need to know. 

Why you should never use white bed sheets – for a good night’s sleep 

While many studies suggest that neutral colors are best for your overall scheme, Sleep Expert Dorothy Chambers from SleepJunkie (opens in new tab) argues the opposite is true of your bed linen. ‘When it comes to sheets, shades in the yellow, orange, red and black families are best, but stay away from whites and [light] blues,’ Dorothy says.  These colors are thought to affect melatonin levels – which is a hormone primarily released by the pineal gland at night. These colors have an influence over your melatonin – meaning they may control your sleep-wake cycle. ‘Before you redecorate, think not only about how the color will look but how it will affect you as you drift off,’ Dorothy adds.  However, Dorothy is not alone in her teaching. Neuropsychologist Alexander Burgemeester (opens in new tab) reiterates the expert’s warning.  ‘Although the fabric and quality of your bed sheets matter, the color does as well,’ he says. ‘It is best to use darker colored bed sheets in order to get a better night’s sleep,’ Alexander says.  He recommends tapping into one of the most popular color trends of the year – suggesting that gray and dark green sheets are great alternatives to improve your sleeping pattern.  However, before you pair your best mattress with luminous sheets, Alexander adds that especially bright colored sheets are often distracting and may ‘strain [your] eyes’ as you unwind, so it is better to opt for neutral colors that won’t impact your sleep in a negative way.  Will you reshape your bedroom color ideas and change your white sheets for good?