If you’re wondering how to sleep better, experts have revealed that a snake plant may be the accessory your bedroom needs.  This plant has a host of benefits that will make your space cleaner and better for your wellbeing – to help you sleep through the night. Here, sleep experts share what you need to know. 

Why the snake plant will help you sleep better 

‘While most house plants are good for your environment and air quality, snake plants are especially good for placing in the bedroom to help you get to sleep,’ explains Sleep Hygiene Expert Steve Payne at Sleep and Snooze (opens in new tab). 

The snake plant as an air purifier 

This top house plant is a natural air purifier that emits oxygen at night, meaning you can sleep better (and for longer). ‘They’re also great at removing harmful chemicals from the air such as xylene, trichloroethylene, toluene, benzene, and formaldehyde,’ Steve explains. These are chemicals that are often found in everyday aerosols (such as hairspray) that may linger in your sleeping space – and consequently impact your nighttime respiration. Craig Miller, the Co-Founder of Academia Labs LLC (opens in new tab), also recommends introducing a snake plant into your bedroom ideas.  ‘Snake plants perform the Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) carbon fixation pathway, which means that even at night, they collect the carbon dioxide in the room, especially at night,’ Craig adds.  The expert shares that the snake plant produces oxygen, which is known to improve our wellbeing (and, in turn, our sleep). 

Using snake plants to absorb radiation

Alongside absorbing harmful chemicals in aerosols, Craig adds that they also remove a ‘fair amount’ of radiation from household gadgets, including your mobile and TV. ‘Hence, placing a snake plant in your bedroom is generally beneficial for your health which then leads to better sleep quality,’ he says.   You may have already found the best mattress, but the next step is the perfect houseplant. If you haven’t already invested, it’s certainly worth a try (for aesthetic purposes too).