Taking a peek into someone’s bathroom is rather intimate, so we were certainly surprised when notoriously private supermodel Kate Moss opened up her space for us to explore. The country bolthole is situated in the heart of the charming English Cotswolds and while we’re sure the rest of the home is gorgeous, we’re smitten with this luxe, personality-laden master bath. ‘My bathroom in the country is my favorite bathroom in the world,’ says Kate. ‘It’s my haven.’ Let’s take a look a round this Kate Moss bathroom…

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Although the bathroom features all the modern additions you would expect in 2021, it shows a great deal of sympathy to the heritage of the property it resides within.  The only book ever written by the model herself, this highly personal retrospective of Kate Moss’s career traces her evolution from new girl with potential to one of the most iconic models of all time. 

Many period homes suffer from a lack of light and space – or indeed from unattractive additions – so a well-planned space can transform the flow and feel. The high ceilings and original period features are not only retained but intentionally highlighted. The walls are hand-painted rather than wallpapered, which both adds to the artisan feel of the space and works beautifully on the original, slightly wonky walls. The model is known for her striking off-duty style, so it makes sense that this personality has been poured into her bathroom, too.  Thanks to the high ceiling, there was room to fit a classic painted wardrobe, framed with a couple of Mossy’s favorite fashion pieces. These choices help to soften the necessary hard-feeling sanitary and brassware in a bathroom. Having used the luxury company Drummonds in her London home, the brand was a natural choice for Kate Moss when it came to fitting her Costwolds bathroom as well. ‘Drummonds produce beautiful pieces that allow luxury and escapism,’ says Kate. ‘Designed to match the period style of the house, the bathroom is very traditional,’ notes James Lentaigne, Creative Director of Drummonds. ‘Kate wanted to retain the charm and character of the original bathroom and specified products that were in-keeping with the architectural features of the room. Classic in design, our pieces work perfectly with this aesthetic.’ A case in point, Drummonds’ Double Lowther vanity forms a focal point to the room, its elegant design working flawlessly with the room. The element that sets off the vanity unit has to be the beautiful Verde Guatemala marble surface. Building on the wall’s pale green stripes, this deep, luxe shade adds adds a drama which melds with the heritage of space seamlessly. The green is once again picked up on with the antique wardrobe, creating a thread of color cohesion. As this Kate Moss bathroom stayed with its original layout, a freestanding bath stayed in center stage. This antiqued Victorian single ended cast iron bath has been given a facelift with a coat of soft, dusky pink, adding a sense of softness. The shadowed pink shade sits well with the original elements of the bathroom, as both nods at heritage while being a pretty, on-trend addition. Finally, it wouldn’t  be a luxe retreat without some more personal elements. Above a wonderfully worn chesterfield sofa is a gallery wall of photos. By sticking to black and white prints, the vintage feel of the bathroom isn’t disrupted or clashed with. Altogether, we have to agree with Kate in that this space must really be a haven.

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