So, when H&G sat down with Joa, we were inevitably going to cover the biggest question amongst interior enthusiasts – what is the most popular color pairing?  The discussion of color combinations is provocative, but armed with Joa’s suggestions, we can’t stray too far from an exquisitely curated palette. Here, she shares her paint ideas for every room.

It is no secret that green is among the trendiest tones of the year, but Joa suggests we are also turning to a pastel hue alongside this verdant shade.  ‘Kitchen walls painted in blushing Pink Ground (opens in new tab) (above) with units in Green Smoke (opens in new tab) (below) are enduringly popular for those who prefer a more muted scheme,’ she shares. ‘While pairing the more lively Bancha (opens in new tab) on walls with a Cinder Rose (opens in new tab) ceiling creates a space that somehow feels nostalgic and modern at the same time.’ So, there is a pink and green combination for every type of home – whether you are searching for a soothing palette or a bold and brilliant scheme that brings these timeless shades into the contemporary day.  However, while Joa has her favorite duo, we were equally keen to learn if there we should stay away from any color pairings. Her answer gives us the license to experiment with any tones we desire.  ‘No color combinations should be avoided – we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s what makes our colorful world more interesting,’ Joa explains.  After sharing her advice on one of 2021’s most popular tones, Joa shared her pairing advice for another shade at the top of everybody’s living room paint ideas: gray.  ‘Over the last 15 years, we have developed four groups of different grays at Farrow & Ball, so there is something to appeal to everyone. The Contemporary Neutrals work best with pinks and reds, the Architectural Neutrals always feel great with blues, while the Easy Gray Neutrals, created to be easy to live with, work with practically any shade,’ Joa explains.  Armed with advice on the most sought-after shades of the season, our homes have never felt quite so contemporary – or looked so brilliantly colorful.  Farrow & Ball has released a preview into their Dorset headquarters on Farrow and Ball: Inside the Posh Paint Factory. More information is available here (opens in new tab).