According to recent research*, the soothing shades of Farrow & Ball’s Purbeck Stone will be the most desired color of the summer – and this hue will continue to celebrate the most popular paint color of the year: gray.  See: Living room paint ideas – stylish ways with paint, and expert decor tips Plus, as Purbeck Stone grows in increasing popularity, studies have pointed towards four more shades that are set to enrich our interiors over the coming months. We’re holding back from the paintbrush until we decide on our favorite of the five – which is easier said than done. 

This season’s most sought-after shade: Purbeck Stone by Farrow & Ball  

The aptly-named Purbeck Stone (opens in new tab) draws inspiration from the rocky Isle of Purbeck just off Dorset – but these organic hues are about to bless walls far beyond the English coastline. Recently, search demands for this specific shade have jumped by 1,292% – but with its relationship to the most sought-after color of the year – it is easy to see why.  Reminiscent of the rustic landscape surrounding Farrow & Ball’s headquarters, Purbeck Stone infuses our walls with an unrivaled natural gray that is best paired with neutral soft furnishings that come alive in the summer light. 

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2. Jitney by Farrow & Ball 

The Farrow & Ball family are certainly looking stylish this season, as following hot on the heels of its ultra-fashionable cousin is Jitney (opens in new tab), the second most popular hue emerging from the research. While Purbeck Stone celebrates the shores of England’s Jurassic Coast, Jitney pays homage to the most prestigious shore on the US East Coast – The Hamptons.  Farrow & Ball designed Jitney as a celebration of the sun-glazed playground for Manhattan’s elite through an esteemed shade that mirrors Atlantic sand. It also not-so-coincidentally shares a name with the bus that transports New Yorkers to the ocean, because, why not? 

3. Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball 

See: Paint ideas for every room – how to choose the best paint colors every time They say all good things come in threes, and this is certainly the case with Farrow & Ball’s hat trick. The third most popular shade of the summer is Green Smoke (opens in new tab) – whose rich tones have roots in the 19th century.  This enduring shade draws from two of the most alluring shades of the year, if not the decade, green and grey. It is, therefore, unsurprising that this color takes bronze in the top three paints of the summer. 

4. Pressed Putty by Dulux 

The subtle glory of Dulux’s Pressed Putty (opens in new tab) places this soft brown shade rightfully in the top five colors of the study, following a 161% increase in search demand over the past year. But what are the reasons for its success?  We suspect it’s entirely down to its soft aesthetic tone of brown that allows color fans to kiss their interiors with a glamorous twist on a natural shade. It also works exceptionally with monochromatic colors that stand out against its glowing backdrop. 

5. Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball 

See: Neutral room ideas – light, dark and timeless ways with color We conclude the most popular colors of the season with Farrow & Ball’s Skimming Stone (opens in new tab) – and like Green Smoke – it is gracing the list with fragments of color dating back to the 19th century. In the Victorian era, this color was readily used as a plaster color, but these warming shades remain fashionable throughout even the trendiest of interiors. Will we continue to see this shade through the latter half of the year? We certainly suspect so. *Study by MattressNextDay (opens in new tab).