Blame the pandemic – but designer fittings that create a sense of indulgence and luxury – and the perfect place to escape from the world and relax – are what we’re craving. See: Interior design trends – top looks for the year ahead Interior designer, Katharine Pooley (opens in new tab) shares her expert knowledge on how to add glamor into our homes.

1. Contrast luxurious textures

Texture it what brings depth to a room, especially if it is layered with other, contrasting textures that highlight each other’s positives. ‘Combine highly polished lacquer with matt leather; burnished metals with raw marble slabs; and the buster of silk rugs with satin timber flooring,’ advises Katharine. See: Living room ideas – clever ways to decorate living spaces

2. Embellish everything

Attention to detail is a must in glamorous home decor, so look to add it wherever possible.  ‘A plain chair, cushion or headboard can be made extraordinary with studding, panel work, embroidery or contrast piping,’ says Katharine.’

3. Add a touch of 1970s glamor

The exuberance of this period is alluring in interiors.  ‘Mix in Mid-century modern antique in lucite or glass. Sculptural lighting is particularly interesting.’

4. Add mirror inlays to door architraves and bulkheads

Mirror inlays can brighten a dark room, add to the feeling of space and, of course, increase the glamor factor.  ‘Unexpected inlays delineate areas in an open plan space and add a touch of playful sophistication,’ says Katharine Pooley.

5. Color block accessories

Choosing accessories in an accent shade, then repeating them not just throughout a space but in groups can be very impactful. ‘Ivory shagreen boxes, rock crystal sculptures and stark white hydrangeas create a pared-back but effortlessly chic aesthetic,’ advises Katharine.

6. Don’t take everything too seriously

Humor is important in interior design – although it’s best left to tiny details in a luxe space. That said, it can be the difference between a characterless space and one that expresses your personality. ‘Playful details like these buildings salt and pepper shakers add that touch of irreverence,’ says Katharine.

7. Add graphic prints and embroidery

Glamorous home decor tends to rely on one or two impactful patterns used sparingly, rather than a combination of mismatched patterns used in abundance. ‘Bold pattern on a single cushion will take a monochromatic scheme from the ordinary to the extraordinary,’ advises Katharine.

8. Embrace raw, brutalist detailing

Glamorous home decor needn’t equate shiny, showy metallics – for a more pared back look, you can go for more muted finishes.  ‘Looking for the glamor of gold but still shuddering at memories of 1980s’ garish gold brassware that peeled at the edges? Stark, dark bronze lighting refreshes a traditional dressing table display,’ says Katharine.

9. Bijou can be beautiful

‘The smallest space can inspire with thoughtful display niches and luxurious finished for a “jewellery box” feel.’ See: Bedroom ideas – designs and inspiration for beautiful bedrooms

10. Use crystal and mother of pearl accents

‘Use their beauty to add an undeniable femininity to an interior. Layer different heights and shapes to draw the eye in,’ says Katharine Pooley.

11. Upgrade hardware

‘Door ironmongery should be the most expensive you can afford; heavy to the touch; and incorporate a unique and interesting finish or shape,’ concludes Katharine Pooley.