More than a feline

What’s not to love about a serial on the adventures of a family of impish cats? A sound narrative and beautiful imagery by renowned illustrator Kathleen Hale notwithstanding, the tenuous homes and interiors link meant this one wasn’t destined to run and run…

Call the fashion police

Sex and fashion featured large in the Seventies, with shower adverts showing topless women or bottomless men (often at the same time). The rise of disco saw all merge together in one swimsuit special, complete with gold lamé, provocative posing and glistening flesh. We’re not prudes, but it does have us clutching our pearls.

The Swinging sixties

This bedroom is ‘surprisingly restful’ according to the caption. It was the Sixties – we did things differently back then.

Pinup chic

Our covers have never been less than striking. None was more easy on the eye than that of June 1985, which featured topless thatchers (the Diet Coke men of their day). It flew off the shelves though, so no regrets…

One for the birds

‘How to…’ features in the early years addressed first-world problems of the day, including ‘How to clean a fur’. Our favourite has to be ‘How to keep a canary’, and not just for the handy info on the importance of a roomy cage, or the advice to ‘avoid seed of inferior quality’. We couldn’t get away with it these days, could we? (Ed. No.)

In your face

It is quite possible that you ripped up one of these 1970s carpets when you bought your home, and quite frankly, we don’t blame you.

Ahead of the curve

We are proud to say that equality came early to Homes & Garden. Here, husband and wife share the household DIY tasks. Although, we probably wouldn’t recommend this method for trimming your wallpaper.

In a pickle

It wasn’t too long ago when aubergines, courgettes and sweetcorn were hard to come-by. But we like to think we were ahead of the game on that one.

Full circle

A bit of a sore subject for many, but the country once looked forward to joining the European Union. Oh how times have changed…

Where did you get that hat?

There was once a time when a hat was considered of great importance to women, so much so that we decided they should try out more amusing designs. Would you dare to wear the water-lily cap? As you can see, even with our reputation for impeccable taste and enviable style, we have occasionally got it wrong.