While the question of value-increasing features is ever-changing, Hayley explains that adding storage space will always benefit your home. It’s a method she’s tried and tested in her projects – and one that you can easily incorporate before putting your home on the market.  This is how to make money from your storage ideas, the Hayley Orrantia way.

Using storage to add value to your home 

‘I like to add as much storage as humanly possible,’ Hayley shares in an exclusive interview with H&G. The expert explains that, when she is flipping a home, she wants the new owner to feel like ‘there’s room for everything.’  ‘We try to imagine what it would be like to live there and exactly how we would want to best utilize the space,’ she says.  Hayley shares the example of a recent flip where the ‘closet space was incredibly small,’ so she added ‘built-in drawers to the wall on either side of the closet doors.’ These drawers turned an empty space into a storage feature that can be used by the new homeowners – and consequently, make the home more appealing to potential buyers.  ‘If there’s empty space there, always consider it a spot for a built-in because you’ll never regret more storage space,’ the expert shares.  Hayley Orrantia is not exclusive in her admiration for these bedroom storage ideas. Instead, real estate agents, such as the Founder, and CEO at Windy City HomeBuyer (opens in new tab), Tomas Satas, similarly recommend accentuating your closet space when selling.  Tomas explains how you can ‘ never go wrong with more closet space’ – especially amid the pandemic when people are using larger walk-in closets as an office space.  Whether you’re re-evaluating your living room storage ideas for selling – or you’re also turning your closet into an office space, Hayley’s secret remains true. If you prioritize storage, you could add a sizable amount to your home.  For more home-flipping inspiration, you can keep up with Hayley’s business Instagram (opens in new tab) and Tiktok (opens in new tab) page.