If you’re looking for the best ways to add value to your home, you could do far worse than following Hayley’s advice. The singer-turned house flipper runs a home renovation and flipping company (opens in new tab) alongside her father in Tennessee – meaning she is in tune with the most profitable tips in the industry.  Hayley’s latest tip pays homage to one of the most in-demand interior design trends of the moment – colorful cabinetry. But what do you need to know about this decor statement before selling? In an exclusive interview with H&G, Hayley explains what you need to know. 

How to flip your house with colorful cabinetry – according to Hayley Orrantia 

‘I love that people are getting adventurous when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, and that is a trend I am on board [with],’ Hayley says.  While it can be nerve-racking to commit to kitchen color ideas, Hayley urges you to make the investment nonetheless. She admits that trends change; however, this feature has the power to transition to ‘whatever style the owner conforms to down the line.’  However, while colored cabinetry has Hayley’s approval, the house flipper explains that not every color has the ability to endure through the years. ‘If it’s neon orange, I’m not sure I can personally work that into my home design,’ she says. 

Which color is best for your kitchen?  

In her own home, Hayley pays tribute to green kitchen ideas. She says that the moss-green hue can bring ‘warmth to any room and [make] it feel cozy while also being a unique pop of color.’ Zillow similarly emphasizes Hayley’s admiration for green, after a report (opens in new tab) revealed that dark green was one of the best colors to paint a kitchen before selling. ‘dark or neutral hues generally rose toward the top [of the list].’  Designer Tom Howley (opens in new tab) also recognizes the green kitchen’s appeal, adding that this ‘grounding shade’ has an ability to ‘[reconnect] us with our surroundings’ and create ‘moments of calm and positivity in the busiest room of the home.  The green kitchen trend is far from over, especially with this house-flippers approval. So, if you’re wondering where to experiment with the hue, your cabinetry is the best place to begin.