The Paramore lead vocalist and songwriter has several homes in the area, and this house is said to have been ‘a creative inspiration’ for musician, according to the home’s real estate agent Sotheby’s who regularly sell the world’s best homes.  The house was originally built in 1931, and Hayley’s choice of decor pays a tasteful tribute to its Mid-century origins, while also introducing more contemporary touches. We especially like the living room lighting ideas, which are a clever blend of atmospheric wall lighting and statement modern pendants. The home’s first-floor space has lower ceilings typical of 1930s buildings, and this is compensated for with subtle but effective paint ideas that visually expand the rooms. Whether it’s the light mint green walls in the study or the patterned ceiling in the dining room, the addition of color and pattern distracts from the small dimensions of the rooms. In the bedrooms, Hayley has gone for strong color schemes – red and dark blue. Blue bedroom ideas are all in vogue right now, and the calm indigo shade makes the room feel at once formal and relaxing.  On the other hand, the attic spaces have been left neutral, with an all-white paint scheme and minimalist living room furniture. Simplicity is key to this design, with the architectural shapes of the attic left to speak for themselves. The curved furniture complements the fine bones of the house rather than dominating the layout. The perfect space for spending some quiet alone time.  Hayley’s home is a study in contrasts, with neutrally decorated rooms playing off more whimsical schemes in others. The en suite bathroom leading off the attic bedroom is a perfect example of modern bathroom ideas that allow color and pattern to really shine in a small bathroom. The geometric design of the tiles is a playful nod to the home’s interwar beginnings, while the grey color scheme prevents the look from being too busy. Hayley Williams’s home at 2123 Ashwood Ave in Nashville, Tennessee (opens in new tab), is on sale for $1,000,000 with Donna Brevard of Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty.