While the ‘paint trend’ label suggests these colors are exclusively modern and forward-thinking, the emerging collection is, in fact, influenced by heritage – creating an aesthetic that is familiar in an individualistic way.  Darkroom (opens in new tab)(above) is the 2023 Color of the Year, and is described as ‘an alluring and classic shade for an eclectic yet modern look’. It’s a tone that epitomizes Vintage Homestead’s ethos – and we expect it will dominate paint ideas in the seasons ahead. 

Sherwin-Williams’s HGTV Home 2023 collection – what you need to know

‘The Vintage Homestead Color Collection offers an effortless look that reveals the importance of being hopeful to find stability and balance,’ says Ashley Banbury, the Senior Color Designer at HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. ‘Our 2023 Color Collection of the Year revives elements from the past that are perfectly paired with vintage, comfortable and classic colors.’ The shades encourage you to find contentment in your home, regardless of your style. Whether you’re looking to trial new neutral living room paint ideas in a rural home or you want to add some retro color to your small urban kitchen. ‘Sherwin-Williams offers a collection for homes that embodies hope, romanticism, tradition, nostalgia, and comfort,’ the label adds.  The palette features 10 reviving and comfortable colors, including Darkroom, which is the stand-out tone. While the spectrum of shades varies, the meaning behind each one unites them as a palette – and creates the same sense of ‘belonging’ in your home. The collection also encourages us to rediscover the meaning of home, which translates into our wider decorating ideas.  ‘The combination of familiar tones has been thoughtfully curated by design experts who mix and match color and design from the past for a hopeful future,’ they say.  Other notable shades include Austere Gray (opens in new tab), which is 2023’s solution to decorating with grey with an ever-fashionable green tint. We also love the vintage beauty of Glamour (opens in new tab), a shade that works seamlessly in the bathroom (as seen above).  The colors within the Vintage Homestead Color Collection are available exclusively at Lowe’s store and on Lowes.com (opens in new tab). You can also find out more via HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams (opens in new tab).