See our news section for more must-have product launches and expert tips Hindu Kush is the latest fabric collection from the global design brand, and comprises five designs in 11 colourways - all inspired by the majestic Hindu Kush Mountain range, which stretches through Afghanistan to China. Far-flung travel and exploration of the Hindu Kush mountain range provided rich inspiration for this eclectic collection; a journey of discovery across one of the most mystery-shrouded and diverse landscapes in the world. The journey begins with the Elbrus fabric, inspired by Mt Elbrus, Europe’s largest summit. This dormant volcano with its snow-topped peaks transcends into rugged slopes and dense forest as we move from one continent to the next. The fabric echoes the ridges and folds of the surrounding natural landscape. Heading East to the foothills of the Kush mountains, the Indus and Babylon fabrics are inspired by the Tibetan, Indian and Afghan communities that inhabit the basin of the Indus river, which flows into the heart of Pakistan. The zig zags and geometric shapes of these extensive landscapes are emulated in the rich colours and textures of the Hindu Kush Andrew Martin fabric range. In a colour palette as wide and varied as the landscape that inspires it, Hindu Kush features rich russet tones alongside coniferous greens, symbolising the dense forest that covers the lower slopes of the mountain ranges. The icy blues and mottled herringbones denote snow clinging to the craggy mountainside and rippling glacial water. The fabrics are ideal to mix and match for an uplifting, stylish finish to any room. The fabric starts at£59 per metre, visit (opens in new tab) for more information.