See more: Paint trends 2020 - the colours you need for the ultimate wonder walls When it first reopened in 2017, Hotel Pulitzer was voted ’the best new hotel in Amsterdam’ by Travel + Leisure magazine. Now, the Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam is shining even brighter after a 1.5-year renovation by Creative Director, Jacu Strauss, to create a truly visually stunning space. Surrounded by some of the city’s best boutiques and restaurants, the hotel was created by Peter Pulitzer in 1970 from a glorious combination of buildings, each on a slightly different level and connected by a maze of passageways, small flights of stairs and oddly shaped halls. Indeed, there is more than a passing nod to history at every turn, as the building was once a warehouse. The designer chose Haywoods’ End Grain flooring for the lobby as end grain was traditionally used wherever there were steel carts because of its durability and longevity. Lovely herringbone flooring is seen throughout the hotel, and in the luxurious suites, many of which feature freestanding baths. The palette at the Pulitzer is that of the Old Masters, deep blues, rich greens and pinky-plums, which feeds into the modern heritage and nostalgia trends coming through for 2020. Original stucco ceilings, antique Delft tiles and magnificent fireplaces are offset by an eclectic mix of oil paintings, old mirrors and vintage prints, and thrown into contemporary relief by custom made furniture and patchwork Persian rugs. The colours are smart yet warm and welcoming, creating a sanctuary space that’s easy to relax in. Amongst all the elegance is plenty of humour, too: the archway of books with a bicycle on top, a wall of 17 brass trumpets with a solitary purple one, and a bright yellow bulldog perched on a drinks trolley all show a quirkiness which is very Amsterdam. Visit for more information. See our news section for more expert tips, openings and product launches